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I Bleed Maroon

As we were making plans to attend our grandsons graduation from Texas State (formerly known as South West Texas State) I was reminded of a clever little song I once heard. 

So, off to youtube I went to seach for it. 

And, I found it!


As I was listening and being reminded of its cleverness I noticed some Aggie videos on the side bar.  So, I watched this...


Now, if you know me, you know I have had the Aggie Spirit since the ripe old age of six or seven. 

As a kid, I wore my Aggie windbreaker come rain or shine, I spent hours locked in my room listening to the Aggie Band album Chris gave me (he was in the corps and the band), I learned the words to the Aggie War Hymn and I faced my Aggie pennant with my hand to my chest each time the Spirit of Aggie land came on.

Even now, I wear an aggie t-shirt at least 6 days a week, I have the aggie war hymn on my ipod - three different versions - and when you drive up to the studio the one thing you see on the fence is a sign given to me by Ashleigh and Colton that says, "GIG 'EM".

But even with all this daily Aggie spirit, this song struck the deep seeded spirit tucked away in the dark crevices of my soul. 

Ahhh, the spirit of Aggieland...football games in the fall at Kyle Field, a friendly "Howdy", the Aggie Band, yell practice, the Dixie Chicken, inter-campus buses, yell leaders, the Fish Pond, Silver Taps, Ring Dance, the Dixie Chicken, the Aggie Ring, Bonfire, pepperoni rolls, the corps of cadets, senior boots, Aggie Muster, the cowboys with their cowboy hats and tight fitting Wranglers. Revellie, the 12th Man,...did I mention the Dixie Chicken?? 

Although, the Dixie Chicken was the main place to have a beer when skipping classesafter a long day of classes and work, my friends and I hung out at a place called Dudley's a lot too.  We spent hours a little time there playing pool and video games, cards and drinking games.  Good times.

I cried.  And then...

I watched another video, of course.  This one...


And then, this one...(this one is TOTALLY awesome.  I hope you don't have to watch it at 240p, as you will get the full effect at 360p.  If you have problems, minimize it, forget about it, letting it run all the way through.  Then press replay and it will play perfectly.  Believe me, it will be worth it!)


If you have the chance to send your child to A&M, do it.  You wont be sorry!  It has it's share of fun times, but mostly it provides an experience rich in tradition, a code of honor that will serve your child for the rest of his/her life, and an experience that will develop your child into a leader "...of character dedicated to serving the greater good".  What else could a parent ask for???

Gig 'em Ags! 

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