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Top 10 Things to Love About Being Back in BC


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  •  All you can get done in 15 minutes-- I wanted to get a card for my nieces shower before I went to help decorate and of course, I didn't think about it until fifteen minutes before I was supposed to be at the church.  I went halfway across town to CVS, picked a card (and we all know picking a card can take time especially since I am if one is indecisive) and got back across town to the church all in 15 minutes.  I made it!  Ok, Ok, some may say I was a minute late, but I say our time pieces were just unsynchronized. 
  • Going to WalMart and finding front row parking by the garden center--Ahhh, that's the best.  There is actually a very good chance the very first parking space by the garden center will be open and waiting just for you!  Dickinson? Fuhgit about it.
  • Taking the same routes I took 28 years ago when I started driving--I guess my subconscious takes me by the same routes as back when and I love it.  I love that 6th street doesn't have that many stop signs (shhhh...don't tell the city), and all the trees that line both sides of Avenue K, near Marguerite St.  I love going into the neighborhood off Marguerite and seeing the house on the corner where my friend Mark used to live and driving by Avenue L on that side to see the house my friend Denise lived in.  Oh the memories of stalking the cute guy across the street pitching tents, playing Atari and walking all the way to the corner store on Avenue F.
  • 50 Pot Holes in every cubic yard of practically every street--Ok, that is really just a subtle hint to someone who might be reading from the City of BC.  Is there not a budget for street repair?  And please don't think adding more stop signs will make said potholes less evident.
  • Running into old friends that used to be close with my brother, Chris, and hearing their memories of him--I saw an old friend today that he adored.  We reminisced about how long it had been, she shared a story about him and another friend that was in the same room laughed because the story was "so Chris".  It is quite comforting that others still remember him and that he made an impact on their lives.
  • Mama's breakfast/cooking--One never tires of their Mama's cooking!  When we first moved here from Corpus Christi several years ago, Mom cooked for us everyday.  I remember back when I was a kid, she would make huevos(eggs), bacon, pappas(potatoes), pork chops, ranchero sauce....  Now-a-days, breakfast is usually eggs and bacon and coffee.  We don't try to stop her from making breakfast unless she looks like she isn't feeling well.  I can sense that it means a lot to her to feel useful.  She will always be useful to me even if the time comes when she can do nothing, but you cant convince her of that. 
  • Family--Our Bay City people never went to visit us in Dickinson. Well, they did go to our house when my nephew was staying with us but, obviously that doesn't count because they went to see him we were just by product :D.  After he left nobody went except Mom.  Reckon there is a subtle hint there?  Who knows...they may not come to our house here either.  We dont mind doing the visiting, at least we wont have to drive an hour now.  We can just drive up the road.  I plan on visiting my Aunt Mercy more and my cousins are just 15 minutes away.  I hope and pray we can make the time to spend some time together.
  • Did I mention the parking at Walmart????--Well, it bears mentioning again.  Oh no, I almost forgot!!  THE FISHING--Cant wait till Big Brother and Ol' Dawg are able to go chunk a lure.  We were somewhat busy w/the remodel last week and the water was muddy on Friday, but the time is coming.  They did go shoot guns today.  As long as they are having a little fun :)
  • We are one hour and a half closer to San Antonio and Corpus Christi--Our San Antonio people went to visit us about twice a year and our Corpus person...well...the fish are always biting, the deer are always moving, the girls are always hot and the beer is always cold...anyway...since we have to drive to see them too, at least it will not be via the Houston freeways and traffic.  That will be much better. 

And the NUMBER ONE thing I love about being back in good ol' BC...........................

  • Being here for Mom--It really is a blessing to be here to take her to doctor appointments, the Dollar Store, WalMart, out to eat, to McDonald's to get an ice cream (shhhh...don't tell Dr. Neret), drink coffee with her, watch QVC and CNN.  I am open to whatever it is the Lord has planned for us to enjoy. I am painfully aware that Mama wont be here forever, none of us will, for that matter.   This time with her is precious and I am so very thankful for it.  I cant wait til spring when, the good Lord willing, we will go to the Local Nurseries and look at all the beautiful plants. 

Do you have a top ten list of loves??  If so, please share! We would love to read them. 

Until we meet again...many blessings, joy and love to you!


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