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Whiteface, Texas

Seems so long ago----well I reckon it was----about 55 years--- so you can probably understand the loss of memory regarding things, people, places---wish I had those school annuals.

Just like in Sundown, we still had the movies that we all enjoyed--could go down on a Saturday and all your buds would be there. The serials, westerns and my first 3-d movie---can't remember the title but it had us jumpin' and a dodgin' spears--arrows, tomahawks, spears and torches--bound to have been a Cowboy and Indian show. Held my first hand in that theater---Althea Peters---my first love---Althea lived down the street with her grandmother so we were together a lot.

 Her uncle Jimmy was a guiter picker and singer-- entertained a lot at school functions----think he played with Waylon Jennings and Buddy Holly some as a kid, not sure but seem to remember Dad mentionin' it ----I DO---Jennings lived in Littlefield, Tx and of course Holly was from Lubbock and both not too far from Whiteface ---so could've happened.  Anywayyyyyy----good excuse to wander down n listen to Jimmy play and see "you know who".  Althea and family had problems that I didn't know anything about until later---reason she was with her Grandma. She was constantly up rooted---back and forth from Whiteface to somewhere in Louisana---one day they came and got her out of class and later learned that her Dad had been killed. She never came back to Whiteface ---we did keep in touch for a while by mail. Her cuzzin, Julien Summerline, lived in Whitface and told me some of what happened.

When we first moved there they had built a new gym---the old one was  used for Jr High practice and PE class for those that didn't participate in regular sports. Eventually, it was turned into a skating rink and we had one heck of a summer program---proud to say my Dad orginized it all. 3 days a week we would skate--2 days we'd hop on a bus travel to the community pool in Morton, Tx--not sure how far that was, seemed forever gettin there---IT DID.  I was a wanna be "frogman"--spent  more time under the water than on top---I could swim across the pool underwater pretty good feat I thought. Never did learn to dive very good--did some belly busters and decided it was not for me--rather be under than on top.

Bad summer---went to stay a few with my Grandparents in Dennis, TX and while loadin' a big rock---well watchin--had my hand on the trailer tongue and they dropped the rock on the bed of the small trailer the movement of the trailer tongue popped a bone in  my arm---weird but it was a clean break but still had to have a cast. Back home in Whiteface ---cast on my arm---bummer---no skatin' no swimmin---nada, nothing. "BORING".

Until BLACKY-----

Could still shoot a 22---remember the rabbit huntin'--- well,. we were still at it.  One day we spotted a crows nest---and it had some young crows in it. Got me a couple and took em home---we had rabbit cages that were empty and kept my crows in there. They--I was told---made good pets and could even learn to "TALK"???? Everytime I went by their cage they would be makin' some noise and holdin' their beaks open to be fed. They would eat anything and made a mess that smelled awful. Didn't care---had me some crows. One was I guess the runt and passed on to "crow heaven" or where ever they go.  So I had one to deal with. As time went on and Blacky got more tame the cast on my arm made a perfect place for him to perch--kinda ragged out my cast---crow claws were sharp--- and sometime even on my shoulder. We would head off to the old gym where other kids were skatin' and me and Blacky would be the center of attention. That is until he decided to poop---not to well trained in that department.  Smelled bad and if I was lucky he'd be on my arm and not on my shoulder----guess where it went then. I was not the center of attraction anymore----would have to head home and change---put Blacky in his cage and if I was a mind to, head back to the rink---not much I could do but visit with my friends. Blacky was gettin big and I would let him out of his cage and he'd fly around the yard --never leavin'---knew he had it good. Then one day he was gone---guess a lady crow tempted him and off he went. No biggy ---never did learn to talk. LOL!!!!

Finally got that cast off and it was off to the races----swimmin', skatin'---back to the good times. Before I knew it, summer was over with  and school was startin---bummer.

More Whiteface later:

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