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Saturday in Snapshots

It was a relaxing, happy, Saturday. 

  • After working at the studio some, Ronnie worked on his boat because he thought he and Leo were going to get to go fishing on Sunday, but the Lord sent 30-40 mph winds...therefore, no fishing.
  • All that boat work led to a nap for Ron and the pups.  I pretty much napped all day. 
  • Jake and Buddy have always been copasetic, but it seems that they want to be closer to each other lately.  I think it is sweet.  Close, but not too close. ha.
  • I snapped a shot of Mom coming out of the house as we were going to Leo and Pam's to eat supper.  She had a pacemaker installed (that sounds weird) about a week and a half ago.  She is doing well and I'm glad we don't have to worry too much about her getting dizzy and passing out anymore.  It's really a relief to her!
  • Before we left to Leo's I went out to see my girls, Lacy (Ms. Brownie Lab mix) and Lady Magdaline (aka Maggie, Ms. Yellow Lab).  They look and act like they are in Doggie H-E-double hockey sticks, but they really aren't.  they really have it made, but this is a new life to them and honestly, working on the studio and all, we don't get to spend as much time with them as we would like.  That will change when we finish our home, though. 
  • The picture under Lacey and Maggie is of a 'possum hole!  Yikes!  Yep, I said 'possum hole.  He/She goes back and forth from Mom's house to her neighbors house.  I sure as heck hope it doesn't find a girl/boyfriend that wants to start a family anytime soon!  :o
  • Honey Boy loves Ronnie.  He wasn't feeling well when we got there-had a little fever-but he was lovin' on Ronnie wanting to hug him and give him kisses.  He was too cute.  In the picture he is watching Michael cooling off a French fry for him.  He's really eye balling it, huh?
  • Pam and Leo made Redfish, shrimp, french fries, mac and cheese and baked beans.  It was a feast.  Yummy!  Ok, I really don't like fish, but Christopher and I tore up that shrimp.  Someday we will cook for them...once we get our place whipped into shape.  Of course, I am not near the cook Pam is, but maybe some practice will help!

So, that was our Saturday.  How was your weekend?  Did you do anything exciting or fun?  Or did you get to catch up on your sleep or rest any?  Whatever you did, I hope it was a blessed day!

See you again, soon!


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