Start a Spark

Yesterdays post covered gifts for the kiddos, teacher, coworkers and just those in general that we don't...well...kiss.  We cant forget about our men on this special day of love called Valentine's day!  My man doesn't usually vocalize things he wants.  When he does, it is usually a gun or fishin' pole.  But I still like to gifts, not men.  Alright already!  I admit it...I would look if it was Ryan Gosling...or Gene Hackman...or Tom knees just went weak.  I digress.  But since I'm on the subject, lets get the racy stuff out of the way.

First up...a Panty Gram!  How's that for getting the sparks started??? Found this idea at  There are more to be seen there, but...well...oh gosh, I'm blushing. 

These gifts from Red Envelope look like they have the potential to start a bonfire, and they have a code for 20% off $100 purchases or 10% off all others, right now.

Get Lucky Dice

 Sexy stackers game

 A "romantic" dart game

 Ok, that's where it ends.  It's too hard to type a blog post with my hands over my eyes. Ay.

These are sweet from Red Envelope:

"Reasons I Love You" stones

 Wrapped in Love throw 

 Things Remembered has a few things I would love to give to Tom my husband:



You want more from Red Envelope?  Ok, How about monogrammed brands?


This is cute and can be used for hubby's change or wife's jewelry!


Don't forget this...the wallet bottle opener.  You can have it engraved with important dates.  But if you do that your husband will no longer have an excuse for forgetting and that might be like pouring a bucket of water on your spark.


And last, but certainly not least...the Beer Holster!  My husband needs this when he is playing horseshoes or washers with Ronnie!

I'm glad we have all of that out of the way now.  If my mom asks, Ron wrote the top part.  In reality, Ol' Dawg had nothing to do with these choices and we are not getting any mula or perks from Red Envelope or Things Remembered.  I just really like their gifts.

Now, Im gonna go cool myself down in the snow.  There better be snow when I get outside.