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Week in Review

Hey there!  How are you?  How was your week with all the weather challenges?  Looks like we will be facing more cold weather this week  I hope everyone will be wrapped in warmth and safety! 

I love Fall and Winter.  I mean, really love.  But...it was way cold for me this last week! This was a little too much.  It would have been ok if we had still been at 4026 with its central heat and air and fireplace, but staying here at Mom's house is a very different story.  My poor mom!  She has been dealing with these winter spells for a few years now without any heat.  She used to have an air conditioner that also blew heat, but I guess the element is out on it.  Getting that checked really needs to be on our "to do" list. 

We had one good sized electric heater going that never got past 58 degrees in the coldest, darkest point of this blizzard (I know...I have a knack for drama, huh?).  Not only were we dealing with keeping ourselves warm, but we also had to figure out what to do with those hooligans most people call dogs.  It has been real and it has been fun, but it hasn't been real fun.

In other news, my niece, Ashleigh, had a couple of showers this week.  Last Sunday's was a Bridal Shower. 

It was a really nice party at the church.  She got lots of great stuff--cookware, pyrex, and baking stuff--which left us with the sudden urge to steal.  What is it about new cookware that will drive a woman to crime????

This past Friday was a Lingerie Shower.  Woo hoo!  Talk about fun!  We laughed so hard...laughter really is good medicine!  I ran into the store and bought her a REALLY racy little thing to be given from me and mom.  When I showed it to mom I got, "Jennifer!  How could you buy that horrible thing?"  That's what a lingerie party is for, isn't it??? 

Anywho...they had a shin-dig out at Colton's dad's place on Saturday, but it was just too cold for me to make it.  Ol' Dawg went and drank a few brews and ate shrimp and chili, but the only thing he took pictures of was the neat crawfish/shrimp boiler thing.  Men....

Since this past week was so UN-productive, I have high hopes for this week.  One thing for sure I know I need to do is work on Ashleigh's wedding video and be available to help out in any way.  Any ideas on a good, romantic song to use for a video of two people falling in love?  I have no clue? 

Also, wanna get a little done at the studio...remove nails, knock down some more sheetrock...exhilerating stuff, here. 

And, I would love to get a schedule going for myself.  I am just wandering through life right now, letting it run me.  I need to get control and make the best of this situation of not having a place of our own for the moment.  It could be worse.

What's on the agenda for your week? Any big plans?  Whatever your plans may be...have fun and be careful!  Love ya!


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