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No, it isn't the beginning of a hilarious joke but it is the beginning of us, Ron & Jenn aka Casa Causpanic.

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Resourceful Dawg

My husband is a VERY resourceful guy!  He can find a way to transport anything even without a trailer.  Remember the Redneck Trailer


Yup...he used his boat to haul posts for the fence from Dickinson to BC (we are all about a bargain).  Well, now we have the Redneck Wagon!


My poor mom!  She has been sleeping on a horrible mattress for who knows how long.  When she first started having back problems I suggested she might need a new bed, but she said, "No, my bed is fine."  I believed her.  She lied.  But, she did call dibs on the queen bed in our spare room, since we would not have room for it at the studio.  That should have been my first clue that she really needed it.  But, my brain doesn't work that way.

Because we were so tired when we moved, we just had the guys dump everything at the studio, but finally, Ronnie dug out the mattress, box and frame and this is how he got it to Mom's house.  Imagine me, in my maroon and white jammies, hair a mess, looking out the front door to see this...and shaking my head.


He makes me smile, though!!  I so appreciate all the effort it took to dig it out, bring it to the house and set it up!  I love you Ol' Dawg!!


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