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Virtual Shopping Spree

I went shopping!  Well...only online...with no credit card.  I guess technically that really is shopping - looking but not buying.  I have recently become familiar with this concept.  I am an impulse buyer.  Sometimes it doesnt fit just right - that's ok, "I'll lose weight".  Sometimes it is a style I love but doesnt look great on my body type - that's ok, "I dont care what anyone thinks, as long as I like it".  Then I think "Who am I trying to fool?", so back it goes.  So is the cycle, I see something, I think I like it, I buy it, I take it back...sometimes.  Sometimes, it just goes in a garage sale with the tags on it.   But, as we downsize and try to simplify that cycle has to be broken.  It's a silly cycle anyway.  My solution...virtual shopping.


All of these selections are from Old Navy.  Are you like me? Do you love places like Old Navy but never even walk in there when you shop?  What's up with that?  I go to the same ol' places and look at the same ol' clothes.  No wonder I feel like my wardrobe is boring.  Virtual shopping is great because it opens our eyes to different styles, textures and colors, plus, it gives us the opportunity to explore all of our options as far as accessories, to put an outfit together...without having to take some or all of it back!

As you can tell, I am a pretty casual gal.  Im not a real girly-girl.  I like girly stuff, just not the way it looks on me.  Even the dress and skirt in this shopping spree is a stretch for me.  I'm just not into them, but I wish I was.  It adds so much more versatility. 

Im actually thinking about ordering one of these outfits!  Im really feelin' the blue and white striped nautical looking shirt with the rolled neck.  I'll save myself the trouble of returning the white skirt and get the white pants instead.  And...just to make it worth the s&h, I'll get the black ruffle tiered shirt too!  Yee-haw!

What about you?  Do you go out into the stores to shop or do you do most of your shopping online?  Returns?  What about your style?  Are you sure of your style or trying to stretch it a little?  I would love to know what style you are into!!

And since you have probably waited all week for it...I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

Note:  This morning an 8.9 earthquake and tsunami hit Japan.  And now, this afternoon, another earthquake has hit.  My thoughts and prayers go out to those in the area and those with family in the area.  The damage is extensive and the loss of precious life is so far estimated at hundreds and it is certain to climb.  May God bless them all.

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