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Saturday Snapshots

Usually, in real life, I like to keep things on a positive note.  But, in reality, I have little bouts of negativity every once in a while.  That being said, I don't like to concentrate on negativity.  I feel so ungrateful when I indulge in negativity because we really do have a wonderful, blessed life. But...every once in a while things don't go my way and I get in a bad mood and I just wanna be grouchy and negative.  So there it is...the truth...real life...the good, the bad and the ugly.

Saturday started out good enough.  I woke up from a dream of playing football with Richard Davis (Trademark Properties and creator and star of Flip This House) with a plastic bottle as the ball.  Like many of my dreams, I have no idea what prompted that one, but I enjoyed it 'cause I loved watching Flip This House and I like Richard Davis, his work ethic and his management style.  But Saturday went downhill from there.  We did absolutely nothing.  Well, we did one thing...we went to Sutherland's...and it was just a source of frustration.

  1. Lacey came in for a while today. 
  2. As did Maggie.  Poor baby could use an face washing.
  3. Mom took the opportunity to get out in her back yard to check out Ron's handiwork.  He cut the yard (he isnt picking his nose there.  No, really.  I it seems like something a guy with a red bandana on would do, but he wasn't...not this time, anyway), cleaned up the leaves and ran the weed eater (ok, ok, the truth is I did absolutely nothing Saturday...and so far, Sunday, too).
  4. Jake and Ron took a nap...shocker, right.  Jake is so cute when he begs.  He puts his chin on your leg and rolls his eyes up at you as if to say, "Please". 
  5. We are defensless to this ploy.
  6. Sutherland's had a one day, 15% off sale this Saturday.  I thought we had decided that we would get two vanities with a cabinet in the middle, since my counter top is always messy and Ronnie's is always tidy - he doesn't want to have to deal with my clutter.  I thought we had decided on those new half vanity cabinets with the full sink.  So, anyway, I got showered and dressed and we headed out, only to find out once we got there that Ron has reservations about the vanities.  Ugh.  These little vanities are nice and they were $147 minus 15%!  For my fellow Aggies, that works out to approximately $125, $250 for two.  About half of what we would pay at the big box stores and about the same amount we would pay for a full 60" vanity without the sinks!  I wasn't mad that he didn't like the idea of the two half cabinets, I was was just mad that we wasted our time!  Don't waste my time.  I'll beat you up! ha.
  7. It's enough to drive us to drinking...not a very long drive there lately, though :D  That is where the pictures stop because nobody thought to take a picture of my pouty, grouchy self. 
  8. In my defense...my thoughts are that we/guests use those vanities for a matter of minutes at a time, at the most.  Why spend a lot of money on them?  Why not economize there and put the extra toward one of those beautiful stainless oven hoods?  Don't you love that oven hood????  Back to my point...or toward some granite counters?? Or toward and awesome fridge??? Or toward a favorite of his...guns, or a favorite of mine...Temptations cookware, Creative Memories supplies, clothes...shall I go on? I thought not. 

Eventually, I took a nap got over some of my grouchy-ness...kinda.

Do you ever have Saturdays, or weekends like that...where you are just plumb grouchy?  Please tell me I am not the only one! 

Hopefully, though, this weekend was great for you!  We here at Casa Causpanic are wishing you much love, happiness, joy and fun for the coming week!  Love ya!

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