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No, it isn't the beginning of a hilarious joke but it is the beginning of us, Ron & Jenn aka Casa Causpanic.

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Get it Together

That is exactly what we needed to do with our stuff.  We had it spread out in five areas in the studio.  My brother made room in his garage for a lot of the stuff which was moved over there on Friday.  Then we were left with this:             

With yesterday being the first day of Spring we thought a little Spring Cleaning was in order (even though it didn't officially start until 8 pm).  It was a beautiful day - it is really starting to get nice and warm here in Texas.  So, we put our gloves on, re-organized and re-packed.  We really needed to get the stuff out of that area in the last picture up above so work on the kitchen that is going to be there to the right can proceed.  Also, that support wall on the left will be removed and replaced with a header.  Now, that is a fun process. 

I imagine you thinking to yourself, "I thought you guys were down-sizing??!  That sure is a lot of stuff for down-sizing."  You're right.  It is.  We really did purge a lot as we packed, but there is still a lot we just aren't sure about.  I think once we get our storage in place it will be easier to decide what we can let loose.  But in reality, about 90% of this stuff is gonna go.  No...really...it is!!  Well, at least 45% of it anyway.

There was a lot of space in between items and we made use of some vertical space.  Not bad for now:

And what would a Casa Causpanic post be without a bandana and Ol' Dawg doing something fun??

That's what we did with our Sunday.  What about you?


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