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Thankful Thursday

During Thanksgiving last year my friend at The Cape on the Corner (ok, I've never really met her, but we have exchanged a comment or two and I feel like she is my friend) encouraged her readers and fellow bloggers to comment/post on the things they were thankful for from the previous week. I participated one week and tried to participate the next week but couldn't make the comment go through.  I know...hello...you did it once why couldn't you do it again???  I dunno.  I blamed my mother.  It's always the moms fault, no?

Anyway, as I watch the news and see all that is going on in the world I first feel sadness for those that are going through hurtful or rough times.  People are losing their jobs and homes.  Natural disasters are causing chaos for so many and loss of family and friends for others.  But then, I feel gratitude, thankfulness.  So thankful for our lives and thankful knowing that whatever we are going through, it is slight compared to others.  I become thankful that my woes are nothing that cant be handled. 

With that in mind, plus the fact that I believe the more we concentrate on good the more good comes into our lives, it makes me think a Thankful Thursday post every once in a while couldnt hurt.  Plus, if we are thinking about the good stuff we dont have an opportunity to wallow in the difficulties we might be experiencing from time to time.  So...here we go.  I am thankful for (and not necessarily in this order):

  1. Buddy's recovery - Buddy was my brother Chris' dog.  When he passed away Buddy became an instant link to my brother for my mom, so now he is her dog.  He is about 11 years old.  Poor baby had vomiting and some kind of internal bleeding Sunday night.  Ronnie took him to the vet first thing in the morning.  It looked grim.  They started with x-rays and they showed possible cancer so the vet suggested some blood work.  Luckily, the blood work didn't show anything out of the ordinary, besides severe dehydration.  All of his organs were working well.  He spent a couple of days in the doggie hospital and they fixed him up.  I was skeptical but he is alive and well today.  I know some of you will think, "it's just a dog", but he is more than that to my mom for sure and we just love him to pieces so we are just so thankful for his wagging tail!
  2. Ron's daughter's compassion - We had big plans to go to San Antonio this weekend for our Grandson's baseball opening ceremonies and first game of the season.  I was so wanting to see them.  We haven't seen them since the first of the year.  But, we have ac and electrical guys coming tomorrow.  We have been trying all week to get some from our home town to give us a bid but none of them returned our calls.  Sooooo, we called some companies from El Campo and finally got some one to call us back.  I digress.  It seemed overwhelming to deal with that and try to get out of town for the weekend.  Ronnie was dreading the call to his daughter to cancel, not because he thought she would be mad, but because in his heart he wanted to see his family.  We decided to make another one day trip.  It would have been rough and Rae knew it, so she let him off the "hook" ha.  The weight of disappointing her and her family was lifted off his shoulders.  Plus, she is right, once we have this out of the way we can stay a few days and really enjoy our time.
  3. Birthdays - If you saw the last installment of Saturday Snapshots you know my niece and niece-in-law had birthdays this last week.  They are both great young ladies and I am thankful for their success in all they do. I am thankful that they are a part of our lives and I am thankful for all of their blessings.
  4. Houdini - When something gets "mysteriously" done Ronnie and I say Houdini did it.  Well, there is a person helping us with our reno but I cant name him at this point so we will just call him Houdini.  He has done SO much work and I am just so thankful for him, and not only because of all the work he has done.  There is no way we will ever be able to thank him.  No matter how much we pay him, it wouldn't begin to even express how thankful we are for all he has done.  He is a truly talented in his craft.
  5. My nephew Michael -  Mike knows plumbing and he did ours.  We still have our shower to get done, as he didnt want to tackle that, but the rest is complete.  Awesome.  He is a great young man and I pray for him, for his health and his happiness. 
  6. Progress- We were at a standstill in our reno for a couple of weeks.  Plus, winter storms put a little strain on progress back in February.  Oh yeah, then we had a wedding in the family which delayed things a week.  And even though there was progress we just couldn't see it.  But now...now we can see it and it feels so incredible.  It is starting to feel as if this is really going to come true.  If we can find an electrician and AC guy that we can afford we very well may be able to move in within a couple of weeks.  I cant even fathom.  Whoop!!
  7. My Husband- Last but not least.  Like most wives I think my husband is more fabulous than Fabuloso!  He is so patient and kind.  I knew it when I first looked in his eyes.  I just knew it.  I am blessed and for this I am thankful.

So, what about you guys?  What are you thankful for?  Maybe it is the smell of a rose or your favorite pair of sneakers or Betty Crocker Brownies (we had some tonight and yep, I'm thankful for those too).  There are so many great things in our lives.  Lets shout them out to the world! 

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