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Friday Fun


It's Friday, my blog friends!!  Yes! You made it through the week.  When one works, Friday is a significant day.  It has a special feel to it.  You get to reap all the benefits of 40+ hours of hard work.  I remember. 

I used to work for a little equipment company near Corpus Christi.  I was one of the lucky ones...I loved my job AND the people I worked with, but Friday always felt awesome!  It was electric for me.  It meant I could take that money I earned and do what I wanted (after paying a few bills of course).  The world was our  oyster.  Speaking of oysters, one of our favorite things to do on a Friday night was to go eat at Water Street Oyster Bar there in Corpus, especially during Lent.  Then, one of my most favorite friends, Monica, introduced me to the Imperial Cafe, a sushi bar.  Actually, our bosses took us there for lunch one day.  It was my first time and although I didn't eat sushi, I fell in L.O.V.E. with one of the dishes.  Unfortunately, even if I could remember the name of it, I wouldn't be able to pronounce it.  After that first introduction it was a once a week must for us, usually on a Friday.  Oh gosh, how I miss those peeps and those days. 

Aaaaaaanyway...my point is, Friday is fun.  I did some more virtual shopping this fun Friday.  Anthropologie is one of those fun virtual shopping places.  It's even more fun if you get to go into the store.  I have been once or twice.  It always smells so good in there and the clothes are just so fresh and inspiring.  As I've stated before, I am not a dress person, but DANG those dresses are cute.  I love the floral on #1.  The colors are so vibrant.  #4 speaks to me also.  I love the embellishment on the waistline. 

The thing I love about their shirts is that so many of them offer a lot of forgiveness.  I think I could hide a multitude of sins with many of them.  I really appreciate all the different types of materials and especially those that drape.  I had never heard of a dolman sleeve until a couple of years ago.  #16 provides a beautiful example in such a rich color.  Someday I would love to have a pair of their pants.  They all look so comfortable.  But my all time favorite item in this group is #28.  I would love to have that piece.  it is perfect for this part of Texas...especially for those of us that love wearing tank tops and short sleeves, but are a little self conscious of our upper arms.  That would be me.

Which ones do you love? Would you ever do a head to toe color like #'s 10, 15 and 29?  Have any Anthropologie pants?  I would love to know how they fit.  Some of them are costly, but seem like they would be worth it.

Speaking of upper arms...I applied to be a participant in season 4 of Win, Lose or Blog, a weight loss competition attempting to make our beloved blog land a healthier place.  You don't have to be a blogger to submit an application and contestants and readers have a chance to win prizes.  They will pick the contestants on March 28th.  I think it would be great if they picked me.  Even if they don't, I hope you will head over there and congratulate and encourage the contestants once the contest starts on April 1st.  Then, come back here and catch up with us again.  We LOVE it when you visit! 

Have a great weekend.  Next week we will have some post about the electrical/AC and plumbing phases of our reno.  We are getting closer inch by inch.

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