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Saturday Snapshots - 26 March



We were kinda bummed out this weekend, as we had planned on going to San Antonio for the weekend, but reno stuff kinda kept us tied up.  The good news, though, is that Boo-Boo(really, I don't know his real name) and Colton made us some crawfish! 

  • Ronnie loves their mud-bug cooker.  It is pretty nifty.
  • Cooker...check, mud bugs...check, scoops and ladles...check.  Here's a tip...I understand that adding ice to the boiling hot water makes the crawfish juicier.  I don't know if it is true, but I CAN say they were juicy and tasty!
  • Baby Girl loves to have her picture taken and of course I love to take it as I think she is precious.
  • My old bosses threw many a crawfish boil with red taters and corn, but these guys also made cauliflower.  I'm not a cauliflower eater, but everyone said it was really good with all the spices.
  • Everyone had seconds and thirds after some "resting"
  • A little turtle came all the way from Louisiana with the crawfish.  He is now a resident of a local creek.
  • Honey Boy would not put his corn down even to play!
  • Boo-Boo and Colton did so much work and had a good time while they did it.  We are enjoying having Colton in the family and his friend Boo-Boo.
  • My old boss tagged Ronnie as the Crawfish Terminator.  Here he is a-terminatin'!
  • Alex smiled for his photo op with his mom and Grandma, but Honey Boy...not so much.  He is such a little booger!  I could just squeeze him to pieces...that is, if he would stay still long enough for me to catch him.
  • Michael's birthday is Monday the 28th, but mud bugs on Saturday was a great prelude.

Weekend is over now...back to the grindstone.  Have a good 'un, as Ol' Dawg would say.

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