New Blog and Giveaway to Check Out

Hey blog friends!  Hope all is going well in your part of the world today.

All is well here...I found a great new blog.  It is called Chic on A Shoestring Decorating.  After you check it out make sure you sign up for the Tupperware Chop 'n Prep Chef give away from Today's Organized Kitchen

I really like this little gadget.  To me the best thing is that you pull a string to operate it!  That means no dang cord to deal with when you put it up in the cabinet.  It never fails...the cord unwraps, gets caught under another appliance and when you pull it out the other appliance falls out plus some.  Annoying.  My husband loves hot sauce and this would be and easy way to make it for him!

Then when you are done signing up for the giveaway go check out Today's Organized Kitchen.  It is a very nice little blog and you can find even more Tupperware gold!

Enjoy and GOOD LUCK!!