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Door Installation

Have you guys ever watched Holmes on Homes on HGTV?  


He is an awesome contractor/inspector.   He goes into homes that have had work done by not-so-awesome contractors.  These not-so-awesome contractors were either not qualified to do the work or they cut corners and did poor work just because, leaving the home owner with shoddy work, sometimes unsafe environments and out lots of money.  I'm sure some of the houses he goes into are victims of previous diy'ers, also.

Mike Holmes goes in, finds the problems, tears everything out and makes everything right.  Many times even better than right.

In many of these cases no permits were pulled with the City, meaning no inspection of the work performed.  I gotta admit...I'm not a fan of permits.  But, I would never ever discourage anyone from getting one.

They are so worth the trouble because they ensure a municipal inspector checks all the work you do on a home or building. That inspector makes sure your work meets codes set by professionals to ensure everything functions properly and safely...making it unecessary for you to call Mr. Holmes!

So, when we started our renovation we did the right thing and pulled a permit.  Since the building we are renovating was originally used as a commercial building there were many changes needed to make it safe and functional as a residence.

First of all, all bedrooms and bathrooms require a door or window.  As our drawing indicates, our bedroom will not actually have walls.  We will be using Ikea storage as walls and there will not be an actual door to the bedroom as much as just an opening.  We might have been able to get by without a window or door there, but since we planned on keeping the dogs on that side of the building we decided we needed a way to let them in and out of the house.  Hence, a door with a paned window for extra natural light. 

First we cut out the sheetrock on the inside in the area that the door would be going.  Next, we cut the wood veneer on the outside of the building and framed the opening.  

After all that we positioned our pre hung door in place.  We used an adhesive between the threshold on the pre hung door and cement.  Then we pulled out the trusty level to make sure the door was plumb and level.  This is a very important step.  If you ever install your own door don't try to whiz through this step.  It's not a place you wanna say, "Oh, that's good enough".  Make sure that bubble is between the lines on all sides.

We used shims purchased at our local hardware store keep it level and plumb.  

Once all that was done then we nailed it in...good...with plenty o' nails.  Once we broke off the shims we framed the outside (not shown here). 

Obviously, as easy as it was to hang the door, nothing is ever that easy.  But, it is something you can do yourself.  Although we are not professionals, if you ever decide you want to try it and have questions just shoot us an email and we will consult the professional that helped us to try to get you some answers.

The door is a bit close to the air conditioning unit, but this placement allowed us the most wall space for our bed "room".  I love the amount of light this door lets in.  And although we have fenced this area in for the dogs, I really want to steal it from them.  The tree coverage is awesome making it so cool and shady and it is just big enough to be a peaceful, little retreat.  In my minds eye I can see us drinking coffee back here.  But for now, it will remain a doggie retreat. 

What about you all?  Have you tackled any projects lately?   

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