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Color Me Blue...No, Beige, No...White, No...Ugh

I've been thinking about paint color and decor.  

In our first home we used nice, warm yellows and oranges. 

Our second home...beige and brown and touches of green.

Third home...that home was so perfect I didnt even want to change a thing.  We didnt have stainless appliances, no hardwood floors...but it was perfect for us and definitely home. 

As I anticipate the finish of the studio, I long for it to have that "homey" feeling our last home had. I have a vision in my head of what I think it will look like.  I'm leaning toward blues and blue greys or just plain white or a very light, neutral beige.  Decisions, decisions.  Probably it will be a combination of all three.

I must say, though, there is a lot of inspirations on the web.  All of these pics came from a site called DecorPad.com.  Check it out, it's chock full of great ideas.

You can browse by room, from basements to closets, decks to laundry rooms, and of course living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, offices. 

You can browse by paint color, every color in the rainbow. 





They even have a Look4Less page, a resource for finding items similar to those items from places like Restoration Hardware and Anthropologie but for less.

If you havent visited that site head over there and take a look if you are looking for some inspiration. 

Hoping you all have a blessed weekend full of fun and joy. 


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