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Imagination Unleashed

Here we are, Monday evening and finally winding down for the day. 

Ron is by my side reading a book and Jake is lying on my feet.  It's a little scrunched, but that is ok.  Where are Maggie and Lacey, you might ask?  They are sleeping happily in Mom's screened in porch on what used to be our comforter. 

Everyone is tucked in and at peace. 


This morning...I was not at peace. 

I had the weirdest dream last night. 

It was one of those that hangs around even after you wake up.  You can't shake the feeling you had in the dream.  And most often, that feeling is eerie or sad or just yuck in general.

I wont bore you with all the details. 

The main part was that I was in a hospital trying to figure out why I had been registered for two days when I had just gone in to have an IV re-done. 

I kept screaming, "I cant stay here!  Ronnie is out of town hunting!  I have to go feed my dogs!  I don't have insurance!  Why is everyone staring at me like that?  I'm leaving!"  Another guy said he was going home too!  Mutiny.

I woke up wondering why the heck I had that dream.  It could be because I am reading the Confession by John Grisham right now.  But there really is no semblance.  Who knows.

All I know is that my very VIVID imagination started working overtime. 

See, we had planned to drive to "town" today.  Ronnie had a doctors appointment and Mom needed to fill her glasses prescription.  As I got ready for the trip I thought, "oh no, this dream has me feeling like something awful is going to happen."  Told you...vivid imagination.  Usually, when I say something like that Ronnie says, "write a book". 

I thought, "what if we have an accident and I wake up in a hospital months later trying to figure out why I am in the hospital??" Amnesia, yeah.  I wouldn't even verbalize my dream at that point.  I did pray, though.  I thanked God for our beautiful lives.  I thanked him for watching over us each and every time we have been on the road.  I thanked him for always watching over our family on the road.  And, I asked him to please, please, please let life after today be the same.

Then we left. 

I drove. 

Cautiously.  More cautiously than ever. 

I slowed at every intersection, kept my eye on all three rear view mirrors and drove the speed limit. 

I second guessed every decision I made.  I thought, "maybe I'm not supposed to turn here...maybe Im supposed to take a different route...the decision to go this way could change our whole lives". 

Normally, when we go to Lake Jackson we take the same route every time.  Without fail.  We used to work in that area and drove there five days a week for two years.  We took that same route 95% of the time.

The dream and the dark feeling that came with it was prevalent in my mind and body.  I was so involved in my thoughts and fears brought on by this dream that I missed my turn to our normal route.

And then...it lifted! 

The dark mood, the nervousness...it all just lifted.  I knew every thing was going to be fine. 

Maybe I just came to my senses and snapped out of it.  Maybe it was God sending me ideas for a book.  Maybe I had too much coffee this morning and it fueled my over active imagination. 

Or maybe, just maybe missing my turn was Gods way of keeping us out of danger.  Maybe...you never know.  An answered prayer.  That's what I am going with. 

So, Thank You, God for keeping us safe...again. 

I had planned on taking pictures of our little excursion, but forgot my camera.  Again.  Geez.

We had a great day, though. 

It was a beautiful day. 

We talked and laughed. 

Ronnie and I yelled at each other. 

I only threatened to kick Mom out of the car once...ok, twice.  

We got to eat at Brians Bar-b-que.  

Ronnie got a pretty good report at the Dr's office and we got to see our favorite Doctor, Dr. Prezas. 

When we lived in Corpus my favorite doctor was Dr. Tompkins.  I never ever thought I would find another doctor I trusted as much I trusted him. 

Then we moved to Bay City and Ronnie had a knee replacement. 

He had extensive medical exams prior to make sure he was healthy enough for the surgery.  That is how we came to meet Dr. Prezas. 

I liked him. 

Then Ronnie had trouble with pulmonary embolisms after his surgery. 

We did not know he had them.  He was short of breath when he walked, but we thought it was because of the pain in his knee or just having to work so hard to get the knee moving again.  Dr Prezas actually sent Ronnie for a CT scan as a precautionary measure after hearing of the shortness of breath.   And there they were. 

Dr. Prezas was so informative and patient with us.  He explained everything and was very positive.  His demeanor was so calming and assuring. 

Ok, Ok, it was actually the Aggie ring on his finger that made him number one in my book!  Kidding.  He is a great doctor.  I don't think our paths crossing was an accident.  If someone had remembered my camera, I would have posted a picture of him here.

What about you?

Do you have a favorite doctor?  Have you had any weird dreams lately?  I sure hope not!

I also hope your Monday was good.  I know they normally stink, but the good news is...it's over and tomorrow is Tuesday.

Have a Happy, blessed Tuesday!

PS I have to give my Bay City doctor, Dr. Neret, some credit for calming my fears during that whole embolism deal. Doctors are special people.

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