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Songs for a Pre-School Graduation Slide Show

...Wow, that is a mouthful. 

Today I had the privilege of meeting the 2011 pre-school graduating class at the day care my sister-in-law works.  Oh!My!Gosh!  Precious!!

They were all so cute and just so much themselves.  It was so much fun.  I laughed...a lot. 

I am giving my sister in law a hand with the graduation slide show.  We might need more than one song to fill all the time with all the pictures and mini surprises of each.  So it has gotten my mind rollin' and listening to songs that might be good for a pre-school graduation. 

Of course there are standards, like Billy Dean's Let Them Be Little and the Oak Ridge Boys Thank God for Kids, Over the Rainbow, ABC 123, Rainbow Connection, and so on and so on.

It's really hard to pick one, because on one hand you want it to be fun and lighthearted, but on the other hand  you want the parents to really feel the impact of this milestone.  This is already a pretty emotional time for most parents so you want to create a video that they will always remember, but you don't want them to have to use a whole box of Kleenex just to make it through the graduation. 

So, on my hunt for the perfect pre-kindergarten graduation slide show song I have come across the following. 

For instance...Jack Johnson's Upside Down (not to be confused with Diana Ross's Upside Down).


How 'bout a tear jerker like Celine Dion's, Come to Me.

I love this song sung by Rachel Aldous called A Mother's Prayer.  Kleenex please.

This one, I think is a Jack Johnson song, apparently associated with the Curious George movie.  This little "diddy" on youtube is so cute, performed by White Stripes.  It reminds me of my little twin great-niece and great-nephew.  They are brother and sister, but when asked who her best friend in school is, Baby Girl answered, "My brother".  Waaaaaahhh, more Kleenex.

This is a happy song too and very appropriate for a pre-school graduation.  Great Lake Swimmers sing See You on The Moon perfectly.

I LOVE that song!

This one, With My Own Two Hands (another Curious George song, I think), sung by Jack Johnson and Ben Harper is just so beautiful and along with A Mothers Prayer above, it just speaks to what we all want for all the beautiful, precious, incredible children of this world.

Do you have any favorites??

Have a great day.  We l.o.v.e y'all.

Note:  All videos found at youtube.com

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