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Baseball, Renovation and Vegetables

Hello, Blog world. 

How are you??  I pray everyone is happy, well and enjoying life.

I have something great to tell you. 

Hold on, hold on...it isn't "we won the lottery" great, but it is pretty neat.

If you read about our weekend retreat, you know that our grandson's team lost a baseball game by one point to a team that was 8-0.

Well, Monday night his team BEAT that team!  We obviously missed another good one, as it was another last inning win. 

Insert Happy Dance!

Way to Go Cubs!!!

I am very happy to report that we are making progress on our little studio.

This week we got the french doors in the dining room installed as well as the last window in the "guest room". 

I put that in quotes because it is the smallest guest room in the history of...well...guest rooms.

We also passed partial inspection!  Yee haw!  Doin' the happy dance again.

Tomorrow we are off to a big box store to pick up the insulation and shower fixtures.  We will be getting the sheet rock at Sutherland's because it is actually less expensive.

My joy is building.

Im not posting many pictures so that the future changes in the blog will be a little easier.

Just thought I'd share in case you are wondering if my camera broke.

We just finished eating supper.

I can't wait to get our place finished.  We will be sharing more of what we eat in Casa Causpanic Kitchen

Tonight for supper we had pork tenderloin with zuchini in diced tomatoes and chilis and rice.

I dont know if I have just been busy or if my appetite is getting smaller.

We had a plethora of veggies in our smoothie today.

carrots...mustard greens...green leaf lettuce...cucumber...parsley...cilantro...home grown yellow squash...red grapes and peaches.

It was SO delicious.  I know it doesn't sound like it would be, but it really was.

The smoothie thing works great for me.  I have a big ol' veggie/fruit drink, then snack on oranges or bananas, avocados, or apples or even some almonds or walnuts sometimes, then we have a modest supper.

I am feeling a hundred percent better, too.  Just got a little more pep in my step.

While many people are battling floods, we are praying for some rain.  It looks like our prayers might be answered this evening.  I sure hope so!

What about you?  Tempted to try a veggie and fruit smoothie?  Are you doing the happy dance about anything?  Are you waiting for rain in your area?

Fill us in.




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