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My "Date" with Jim Caviezel

Happy Monday!

I hope yours is going well.

Wow! What a dream I had last night!

Remember this guy?  Jim Caviezel.


He is the one that played Jesus in Mel Gibson's The Passion.  He also starred in The Count of Monte Cristo, The Prisoner, Angel Eyes, High Crimes and more.  If you havent seen these, make sure to check them out.

Once, he spoke at the Cathedral in Corpus Christi when we lived there in Corpus.  We went to hear him, of course.

Ronnie said that when Mr. Caviezel walked out on stage the lady next to him let out an audible moan.

Last night I dreamed that he and I had a date.

In the dream my mom made fried chicken and I made jello...in the oven...with no cool whip.  That's a good way not to get a second date.

He had two daughters in the dream and he wore dark blue jeans with a pink button up. 

Ahh, I just fainted. 

He brought lots of brown bags filled with Christmas decorations for our date.  How sweet.

It was chaos. 

He was hanging the decorations, the kids were running around and screaming a lot with other kids that I guess were my nieces and nephews.  There were other adults there talking and helping with the decorating. I was just watching.

Then he went to the bathroom.

This is where the date went downhill. 

He went in and quickly came out trying to brush a frog or rat or roach off his arm.  I was so embarrassed and knew this would be the end of our date and the demise of our future together. ha!

I was right.  He came out and started gathering up his Christmas decorations and he and the girls left.

Oh well, it was nice while it lasted. 

Aren't our dreams so funny? 

Have you had any weird ones lately?

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