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Weekend Retreat

Let's see how fast I can make this post!  I have a real video I should be working on (pre-k graduation video). 

 It has a deadline and in true form, I am procrastinating. 

You say deadline I say procrastinate. 

As I mentioned in my previous post, we went to Spring Branch this weekend.  BW, our grandson (Ronnie's grandson, my grandson by heart) had a birthday, Craig (son-in-law) had a birthday and we still had not seen BW play baseball this year, so there was a game too!

I made a video of our weekend for our own nostalgia.  I hope you will watch, but understand if you don't. 

Here is the play by play, though:

We took off mid morning. 

It was a gorgeous day. 

It has been so long since we have gone over there for more than just a day or overnight stay. 

It felt good to have a relaxed weekend with the SB family.

The trip didn't take us long.  We were in New Braunfels within a couple of hours.  SB family lives about an hour from there.

Once we got to NB's we headed to Home Depot to get BW his b-day present...TOOLS...and to Johnny Carinos!  Yum!

Anyway, BW is a crafty young man...loves to build.

He has a beautiful garden, of which I did not get a picture.  Dang-me.

We had a nice visit with Rae(Ron's daughter, my daughter by heart) and she made us a great chicken fried steak supper.  We had to hit the sack early though, because BW's ball game started at 8:30 A.M.!!

We lost the game, but the boys did a great job!  They kept the 8-0 team to only 5 points and lost by only one.  Our boys were ahead much of the the game, but in the end a couple of power hitters pulled it out for the other team. 

The batter in the video, #3, is our slugger.

There was a kid there with what I call a weird affection for Walking Sticks...yes...the insect.  The video tells it all.  He had three or four of them and they were crawling on his face and head and ears and...ewwww.

After the game we headed out to what is affectionately known as The Ranch.  Without going into details, Craig has a good friendship with the owners and they let him use it whenever. 

Each one of the little buildings you see in the video has accommodations for at least four. 

It is soooo cool.  beautiful.  peaceful. 

This place had everything, a kitchen, a bar-b-que area, a dance floor, a room with a pool table and best of all a view.  What a view. 

BW and his friends rode four wheelers and motor bikes all day.  We just relaxed and enjoyed our time visiting with family.  I was even lucky enough to get  a foot rub from my hubby. 

Craig's sister made a surprise appearance.  So sweet the love between that brother and sister.

We ate good food and since we all were staying there at the Ranch we enjoyed some brews, too. 

We ate cake, opened presents and even danced some. 

At one point Ronnie and I wrestled a four wheeler from the boys and took a ride up to Make Out Point

We were in such awe of the view we forgot to make out.  Dang-us!  ;)

I hope you enjoy the video!!!  Let me just say, I am NOT at all happy with my appearance.  But, it is what it is.  What is it?  Too much indulgence in food, sugar, soda, johnny carinos, carbs...you name it. 

I am going to change that, though. 

There are a couple of video clips that might make ya dizzy...sorry:(.

Anyway...Enjoy and talk to you again soon.


Checking In