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No, it isn't the beginning of a hilarious joke but it is the beginning of us, Ron & Jenn aka Casa Causpanic.

Y'all come on in.

It is a very ordinary, extraordinary life about which we journal.

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First of all...

Happy Mothers Day to all my family and friends that are MOMS!!  


I dont know how you all do it. 

I am blessed to know so many great moms, especially my own. 

When I think of all the things my mom did that must have been so hard for her it blows my mind.

For instance...

When I was a kid I had a few surgeries on my legs. 

I don't have children, but when I look at my great-niece and nephews or my grandkids by heart, just the thought of them enduring any sort of pain or fear breaks my heart. 

My mother was so strong during those times.  She never ever let me see her heartache or fear as I went into surgery. 

She would spend the night with me there in the hospital.  That was back in the '70's when they only had plain ol' chairs.  No fold out bed for her, but she endured.  My heart aches when I think of how exhausted she probably was.

I also think about hers and my fathers financial burden with me as a teenager. 

I always wanted Nike shoes and Jordach or Gloria Vanderbilt pants.  Now-a-days, it makes my stomach drop to spend money on clothes (yeah, I love 'em and I do it anyway), and those clothes weren't cheap back then.  What they must have sacrificed.

Then I left for college.

They sent me off into the great big world to make my own way, mistakes and all.  Man!  That must have been so difficult.  But, again, she never showed fear, she always expressed confidence in my ability to make it.  She gave me wings and let me fly.

I do remember her crying one time.

She cried when I moved to Corpus Christi to live with my now husband, Ronnie.

We weren't married then and had no plans to get married yet.  Truth be told, I cried that day, too.  It was so hard to leave my parents that time.  I cried almost every time I came home and had to go back. 

Anyway...now I am back.  We are living with Mom until the studio is done and she is the best.  Still, she knows when I need her and when to let me  figure it out on my own.  She does try to "be the boss of me" sometimes, but I guess that will always be :)

She did what every good mother does...she raised me and then set me free.  That must be so hard.

On to less weighty matters.

We are still eating more fruits and veggies.  Today we had a celery...tomato...cucumber...spinach...carrot...and apple smoothie.

Man, talk about tasting fresh and so good!

Sometimes we use kale or mustard greens.  Yesterday we had one with red leaf lettuce.  It was good...Mom and Ronnie loved it...I liked it alright.

There are some changes coming to Casa Causpanic.

Just in layout and format, though.  I think you will like them.  They are slow in coming.  Probably won't start on it until we finish the studio and get all settled in, but at least it is something to get excited about. 

Sorry, we haven't posted much.  Apparently, not having a space of his own has left Ol' Dawg with writers block.  I don't have writers block, but just not a real comfortable space or uninterrupted time.  But, we will surely get in at least a couple of posts a week. 

Right now I have an IMPOSSIBLE headache.  IMPOSSIBLE.  I went about 3 days without one and then ... bam! 

So anyway, I am looking forward to all the changes.  Hope you are too!

Love ya!



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