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Random Life, Random Post

Yes...everything is so random lately.  But everything is good and fine and well.

No real schedule or routine...unless, of course, you count the hours spent on the maroon recliner.

Ron calls it a throne and he calls me and my mom Queens.  Apparently, he thinks we spend a lot of time there.  Honestly, we do.  What can I say??  It's limbo...again.

I have been focusing a lot on Pinterest.

One can get lost there.  It's like stepping into your computer screen and never coming out.

I could live there.  I have lived there the past few days.  It's fun and inspiring.

So, between surfing the web and living on Pinterest, I haven't really been participating in life in the normal sense.  Of course, sweltering heat outdoors doesn't help either.  It is so hot!

I actually went to a resale shop last week, with the intention of hitting a few.  But, I was so hot and sweaty after that first one, I said, "Fuhgit about it", so I did.

But, here are a few things we have done. 

We have let the dogs out:  

Jake is so filthy.  He goes in my mom's back yard and does the hokey pokey on his back in the dirt.  He reminds us of PigPen from Charlie Brown when he comes in.  He really has a cloud of dust around him.  Oh my boy and his curly tail.  Buddy...well, Buddy is just Buddy.  He's an old man, but very sweet.  He loves to be in my lap.

We also went to a graduation party:

This is the El Maton National Hall.  Yes...I said National Hall.  What?  You have never heard of it?  Hmmm.

We used to go to dances on Friday nights here.

My cousins daughter graduated this year and they had a sweet little party for her.  My pictures stink, sorry. 

   This has to be the worst picture in the history of blogs, but, there we are!

We won a raffle prize:

My cousin helped organize a benefit for a child in her community that was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor.  It was a great success.  Everyone is praying for the little girl and everyone was very generous, thanks to God.

And...we went to the beach for Father's day.  I guess I should really say, we took a ride to the beach.  We didn't get out...it was too hot, I tell ya!

A view from our recently built bridge in Matagorda.

 I hadn't been to the beach in so long.  It was time...and it is time to go more!

I forgot what this is called, but it is a pretty building. I wouldn't mind having a corner office in this building! 


This is the actual entry to the beach.  The water in our beach is often like chocolate and there is no shortage of seaweed, but I still love it. 

These are new condos on the way to the beach.  Our little beach town of Matagorda has gotten a lot of attention in the last few years.   

 That is what you call Mudd.  I don't know how to spell it, but I know what it is.  We've been sheet rocked, taped and floated.  Tomorrow is texture day.

 I am so loving my future kitchen.  It's tiny and it will be simple, but I know I will love it.  Can you tell there is paint on the part of the wall on the right side.  I love it, but we had a fail that I will blog about later. 

This is our future bathroom.  The washroom is on the right and the water heater will be on the left.  We picked our tile for the shower, too.  There is no way I can convey or explain how much I long to be in this place already!! 

And don't worry...that gap has been patched.  These contractors like to listen to classic rock.  My question is...when did the rock from my time become the classic rock?

That's our week in a nutshell.  Highlights for next week include:

  • texture and paint
  • another trip
  • an All Star baseball game
  • our favorite cabin in Fredericksburg, Texas
  • maybe even a tiled shower and a pretty good peak into what we want it to be (I know...I'm pushing it, but if you can conceive it you can achieve it, right????)

Until then, I hope you have a fabulous week! 


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