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Camera Folly

Hey Everybody!

How goes it?

Everything is grand over here. 

We had a fabulous weekend.

I had my camera all charged and ready to document it.

Then, I went to my aunt's house to let her dogs out, because she and my uncle went to Austin for the weekend so we were taking care of their chihuahuas.

I put my camera down to pick up an "accident" and then put the dogs back in, locked the door and left...without my camera!


I was really annoyed because we were going to Corpus to celebrate our grand-daughter's 13th birthday.

So, now, we have no documentation of that very important milestone. 

But, I can say we had a great time!

We met up with Ron's son and daughter, their cousin, her friend and our granddaughter and her three friends.

We laughed so much!!

We hadn't even been drinking.  Well, some of us hadn't.

Later that evening Ronnie and I went to one of our MANY favorite restaurants in Corpus Christi, the Imperial Cafe.  Heaven.

We took a ride down memory lane, aka, drove by all our old stoppin' grounds then went back to our hotel room in Rockport and just enjoyed what little was left of the evening.

In studio matters...

yay!!  We had our plumbing inspection and passed!!!

Now we can sheetrock the bathroom!  Whoop!

Our bathroom cabinets and counter tops have already come in. 

It is getting so close!  I CANNOT wait!  I am about to burst.

I will post pics tomorrow.

We love you guys. 

Thanks so much for checking in with us.


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