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Renovation Heroes

Hey Blog Friends,

Do any of you start your sentences with "Hey"?  I don't know when I started doing that, but it is a habit that is hard to break.  My husband notices it.  His response..."Name not 'Hey'".  Haha.  My brother also notices it.  I don't even realize I am doing it.

It really isn't the most eloquent way to start a sentence.  I suppose I will work on it. 

Guess what!  I had another house-renovator-zilla moment.   It was a bad one...and so unexpected.  I was in such a good mood when I got to the studio.  And, so happy to see our bathroom cabinets in place, thanks to our Renovation Hero #1!  He doesn't like to have his picture taken much.

But, here are some pictures of Renovation Hero #2 when he was painting the bathroom.




It almost looks like he is having fun! 

We are amateurs.  Almost every project has had it's obstacles.  The finishing won't be perfect, but it will be perfect to us.  And, it will be home.  For that, we are grateful. 

Wish us luck!  We will be working on the kitchen counters, tomorrow.  Yay!

Who is your hero this week?

Any house-renovation-zilla stories out there?  What about any annoying habits you are trying to break?

No matter what is going on in your life, I hope you are happy and well!!

See you again soon! 

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