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Weekend Report

Monday, Monday....

Start of another week.  I wanted to make a quick post about this weekend, though, before I forget it.

It was a very nice weekend...

...a foreshadowing of weeks and weekends to come.

Friday was an awesome day at the studio!  There was so much hustle and bustle.  It seemed that there was a LOT of work being done.  The electricians were there, the carpenters were there, the Directv guy...the feeling it gave me inside was just wonderful.  We are so close. 

We had a nice steak dinner.  I have been trying to get away from meat and move toward more veggies and fruits, but these last couple of weeks have been difficult where that is concerned.

Ronnie and Leo finally went night fishing.  They only caught one trout (not a keeper) but at least they got out and did something different.

Mom and I went for a "cruise" around town.  That is something we enjoyed doing as a family when I was a child.  She and I still enjoy it.  Nothing much changes around our little town, but somehow, it makes both of us happy to be in the car together, sharing an ice cream and just talking.

Mike worked Saturday and Leo gave advice.  It's funny and heartwarming to watch them interact...a young man trying to exhibit his skills yet still taking advice from his father.  There was much time spent arguing, staring, laughing....  It was fun.

The kitchen counter top is on!

We had to get really creative about the counter top. 

We wanted butcher block stained in a dark walnut.

Went to Ikea to get inexpensive ones.  They were out.  None in til mid-September.  Do WHAT????

We just couldnt didn't want to wait. 

Lumber Liquidators has some butcher block and we have a LL nearby, but sadly, it wasn't in our price range.

So, our home is going to have another one of our own unique touches.  It's different.  I hope we like it!!

I will post some pictures, soon.

Speaking of...I guess I better get myself up and at 'em and do my share on that part of the project. 


New Kitchen Countertop

Renovation Heroes