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New Kitchen Countertop

Our Home Depot stock cabinets have been without a counter top for a while.

And, no, I am not ashamed to say we purchased Home Depot stock cabinets. 

 It is basically just the two of us so they won't be subjected to too much wear and tear.  Plus, our mantra these days is simple is good.

We just want our 1,000 sq. ft. forever home to be a peaceful, happy, comfortable place for us and for anyone that might come by and visit us.  And we want to get the best value for our dollar.  Home Depot stock cabinets serve that function for us.

As I blogged in our Weekend Report, our plan was to buy some butcher block counter tops from Ikea. 

So, a couple of weekends ago we borrowed my uncles truck and made a little jaunt to the nearest Ikea in Katy, Texas.

Of course, I had my obligatory traffic freak out on the way there (I have passenger anxiety.  My anxiety wasn't helped any when a small car flipped right in front of us on our way home.) 

We have been to Ikea three times in the last couple of months.

When you walk in it's every man for himself.  It is really hard to just take everything in because there are so many people.  If one stops to take in the styling ideas, one may get run over.  If one continues to move slowly while taking in the styling ideas, one may do the running over. 

Anyhow...once Ronnie and I met up at the kitchen center he broke the bad news, "They are sold out." 


  They did have some that was $169 for the size we needed.  We needed three and that was just more than we wanted to spend on our counters.  Also, they would not be getting any of the $59 butcher block we wanted until mid-September.

We didn't walk away empty handed, though.  We ended up buying appliances. 

I digress.

Our Solution

So what's a downsizing couple to do?  We started brainstorming.  We knew that all we wanted was something within our price range with a wood look that also was functional.   

Just like the cabinets, we knew the counters would not go through a lot of abuse.  We are pretty careful with our things.  Plus, if it does happen to get a burn mark or knife cut it will just add to the character.  We are a-ok with character.

So, we used a pretty Red Oak, attached it to a piece of regular plywood and plan to trim it out.  The walls that the cabinets are on is an original wall and is not flush, so that presented a few challenges, but the result mid-process looked great.  Then...yesterday, I noticed that the corner seemed to sag.

We spent the afternoon fixing that and then, finally, it was time to cut out the hole for the sink.

We actually did not have the correct tools to cut it out and it took forever.

Mike cut...

dropped the sink in...

took it out...

cut again...

dropped it in again...

took it out again...and so on, until it fit perfectly.

But, it was not a process without accidents.

One overcut and...

one owie later...


...oh yeah...and one clumsy fall by me (glad we dont have a picture of that) and we were finally ready to apply the first coat of stain. 


 What a day!!

I cant wait to see the finished product.  It's a little "outside the box" and it may have a few flaws unnoticeable by the average Joe, but we actually love it so far!

Has anyone out there done any "outside the box" thinking recently?

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