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A Very Messy, Unfinished Preview

Note:  This post was started on Tuesday and finished on Wednesday. 

It's Tuesday!  I am listening to CNN about an earthquake in Virginia as I sit here with Loreals new foaming hair color on my hair.   It sounds as if everyone is ok, but it is still pretty shocking to hear.

Ok...it was Tuesday when I started this.  I had to go wash the color out of my hair and then I got side tracked on no telling what. 

So,  it is now Wednesday and we have a special day planned.  Yay!  We have been so focused on getting the studio ready that we havent really done anything special or for ourselves in a while. 

Our plan is to enjoy a day in the city!  Something we, hopefully, will be able to do every couple of months.  Nothing major, just a haircut at my favorite spa, a massage for both of us and a good ol' Outback dinner. 

Anyhoo...this is where we are with the studio today.  

What a mess!  But, hey, it's real life.  This is our reality right now.  We are in the process of unpacking and separating our belongings into "keep", "donate" and "garage sale" and "trash" piles.  Plus, if I were to wait until everything is perfect, it would be, like, forever before I could post any pics.

Our future living room/game room/bar. :)

This next pic is a view from the game/bar room.  The office will be on the far left.  I love the ceiling fans.  The lights on them are so cool.  We can turn on just the bottom set, both the top and bottom or just the top.  Mood lighting...awesome.:) 

Future dining rooom.  We used the existing light so we wouldnt have to tear out the sheetrock, but its off-centeredness really bothers me sometimes.  We will see what we do with that, if anything.  

 The bed is on the other side of that wall of boxes and tools.  Someday, storage (maybe Ikea) will separate the Dining room from the bedroom.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          







 No floors yet, so everything is so dusty.   That's where we are right now.  We plan to start living there this week!  Yay!   

 We will be working on a "to be finished list".  It will be long, but that's ok. 

 It is now Wednesday evening. 

We just got back home from our fun day.  And it was so much fun.  I was a little taken aback because I thought Ronnie and I would get massages in separate rooms, but they had the room set up for both of us.  It was pretty cool.  And...the massage therapists had Pachabel's Canon playing.  That song just speaks to me and makes me feel so at peace.  it was a wonderful, wonderful day, thanks to God. 



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