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We Will Dance

Hey, Hey, Hey! 

Uh-oh...I've gone from one Hey to three.  Talk about, "...one step forward and two steps back...", three in this case :)

We do the same dance with the studio, but in that case, it is a sign of progress. 

Recently, we reached a point where most of the tools and wood could be put away and things started looking cleaner and more spacious. 

Then, it was a mess again while we were unpacking the boxes that we had there on site.  But, once we decided what was going into the "keep", "donate", "garage sale" and "trash" piles, we were actually able to find a home for most our "keep" stuff.  BIG step forward. 

Remember...we went from a 1742 sq ft home to a 1000 sq ft building

As you may have seen in this post, we have accumulated a lot of junk stuff in our almost sixteen years together.  


Can you believe we even purged a lot before we moved?  Shocking, I know. That being said, we still had about ten or fifteen boxes to go through hiding in my brothers garage. 

We knew the day would come when would have to unpack those boxes and we had put it off as long as we could.  That is the mess you see in our Very Messy, Unfinished Preview.  Two steps back.

The good news for everyone, though...

...there is always another step forward! 


We pretty much took a day off yesterday for our much needed fun day.

Then today...well...lets just say we got our DirecTv installed :)

We want to move in tomorrow!  We don't have a fridge yet and won't for at least another week.  We do have a cooler and beer, though.  That should get us through the weekend :D And just for fun...

And, of course, what would a post about dancing be without one of my favorite Steven Curtis Chapman love songs.  Yep, our anniversary is getting close, so I am feeling all lovey dovey and blessed, in love with my husband and in love with marriage.  Yes, even after almost 16 years together.  It is worth a listen if you have never heard it.


After All These Years

A Very Messy, Unfinished Preview