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Ikea Appliances

A few weeks ago Ronnie and I went to Ikea to get butcher block counter tops

Since they didnt have any, we decided to get appliances. 

Why not? 

Why?  You might ask.

Well, here's the deal.

We are on a budget.

And...there were certain things I wanted for my forever kitchen.

Since we are not going to have upper cabinets (I'm 4' 6" - upper cabinets are useless to me) I wanted one of these awesome oven hoods: 

I also wanted one of these:


 I didnt really care about anything else.  The rest of the kitchen could be whatever, but I wanted these two things.

As far as the range...well, I didn't really care too much about it, but because I am vertically challenged, I needed a range that had the knobs on the front.  It needed to be electric and I did not want the coils.  There is nothing wrong with them, I just don't like them.  It is hard for me to keep those little bowls under the coils clean!

If you have ever priced an electric range, knobs on the front, no coils, you know they generally start about $1,100.  That spells O-U-C-H for us.

Anyway, eventually, the Beer Budget reality woke me up from my Champaign Taste dream.

I found that what I really wanted was the French door fridge with the ice dispenser.  So, the purty range hood was not to be for us.  Those started at around $400.  We found this one at Ikea:

It's cool.  It works, high and low, has a light and it looks really nice in the kitchen. 

I gotta admit...the top is feeling kinda funny.  I think it is because the poor hood has been exposed to lots of dust that stuck to the residue of the blue protective plastic that comes on it.  I didn't spend a lot of time cleaning it, so I will try to give it a good cleaning and see if it gets better. 

But, in general, we feel it was a pretty good buy.

Now, the whole reason we decided to buy some of our appliances at Ikea is because they had an electric, knobs on the front, no coils range at a reasonable for us price. 

It looks good.  It is so shiny I couldnt keep it from reflecting.

We havent actually cooked with it yet, so I cant say anything about that yet, but it has plenty of desirable functions...


  • bake
  • broil
  • cook & hold
  • delay
  • keep warm
  • clean
  • and a timer 

It has a roomy drawer under the oven that I have already put to good use.  And, most importantly, it was about $400 less than even the least expensive others we looked at.

It is made by Maytag for Ikea and has a 5 year warranty.  So we decided to try it.  Never know till you try.  The only thing I worry about is that maybe the ceramic cook top might scratch easily.  Time will tell.  I feel confident it will stand the test of time, though.

Since we were there, we went ahead and bought the dishwasher, too.

Don't freak out - it's ok.  We haven't taken off the protective covering.  It is kind of a family joke.  Our son-in-law came to visit us in our other house and noticed we had not removed the protective covering from our tv (I know, we are weird and no, we don't have plastic covering on our sofas) and proceeded to remove it.  We want to see how long it takes him to remove it from the dishwasher when he comes to visit, which I hope is soon.  I am dying to get those black lines off my dishwasher!

This dishwasher has everything we need:

  • 5 cycles - normal, pots and pans, heavy wash, heavy wash plus and rinse only
  • you can dry dishes with or without heat, and
  • it has a timer

It washes 10 place settings and is energy efficient.  Of course, it fit the budget nicely and is made by Maytag for Ikea. 

I have to be honest...when I looked at the dishwasher on the floor at the store, it had IKEA by Maytag on the center of the control panel.  It bothered me at first.  I don't know why.  But, when we took it out of the box it looked like any other dishwasher.

In conclusion, we are pleased with the Ikea appliances so far.  I will definately post if we have any problems, although I dont anticipate that we will

What do you think?  Would you buy Ikea appliances?


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