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Birthdays, Festivals and Guns

Wow. It seems life has been so busy since Wednesday.  

It has been a good busy, though.

As you might have read in this post, Wednesday was our 9th anniversary.  

We celebrated that day by going to our favorite Italian restaurant in Angleton, Texas.  


NOOOOO-ah, we didn't really almost run over little children. But they really had no intention of moving out of the way for this big vehicle heading toward them at 20 mph even though there was no crosswalk around. 

Maybe they were playing chicken. 

We definitely lost.  

Anyway, oh, the food is ohhhhh so good.  

Mom had a doctor's appointment at the hospital on Thursday.

My Aunt Mercy was in the hospital at the time, so we went a little early and spent some time visiting with her and then spent the next two hours waiting for my mom to go into a ten minute appointment.

I actually don't mind waiting...he is an excellent doctor.

One good thing about it is that I did not have to make supper. 

As we were eating supper, Sonic Hamburgers (ultimately, I wished I had cooked), I decided to make dinner for Ronnie's 68th Birthday. 

Yes, he really is 68. Maybe I am just biased, but I really don't feel like he is 68.

Oh...you say we are supposed to ask him if he feels 68?  I feel pretty certain he doesn't...most of the time.

He is a good example of 68 years young.  He is really just a boy at heart :)

Naturally, we had nothing in the house for the next day's dinner, so off to the grocery store we went.

Friday, Ronnie's birthday, I was up early, preparing.

What was on the menu, you ask?

We had Enchilada Casserole, spanish rice and frijoles a la charra. Oh yeah and German Chocolate cake.

I made it all. The beans were ready at 9 am, ha-ha.

Yeah, I have a problem with scheduling.

The Bay City family all came over. It was too short notice for Ronnie's children to make it.    

Everyone enjoyed the food, the twins danced and we sang happy birthday. 

Yeah...I dont know if you can actually classify what we do as singing. 

Did you get the feeling Baby Girl did not want to sing Happy Birthday?  She really didnt.  We were having so much fun dancing she didn't want to stop. 

She almost did not get a piece of cake for mis-behaving like that, but she apologized to Ronnie AND gave him a smooch, so all was forgiven.

I was on my feet all day from about 7 am till about 9 pm. It is the most I have done in about 6 months! I was a hurtin'...BAD.

And we still had a big event in the morning.

The twins, Baby Girl and Baby Boy, as they are referred to on this blog, were going to be in the Rice Festival Parade!!

"What is the Rice Festival?", you say?

It's only one of the biggest events in this little ol' town!! 

It's pageants and parades and rides and cotton candy, Frito pies and bingo and getting to hang out all day with no supervision.  Well, if you are a kid, that is.

More specifically, it is an annual event put on by the Lions Club that celebrates the history and heritage of the rice harvest in our county.

The parade includes, bands and themed floats made by all sorts of local organizations from all over the county and even surrounding counties.

Mom has not been to a rice festival parade in a hundred years. Ok, maybe more like 30 years.  


She wouldn't have missed this one for a million bucks, and believe me, she could use a million bucks.


We did get a chance to just chill all of Saturday afternoon.

Come Sunday, we hit the road to Corpus Christi.   

Our plan was to have lunch with Ronnie II and then make it to Mass at the church in which we were married.  It did not work out that way, but it was an awesome day anyway. 

We were surrounded by clouds and the rain was pouring down, but we were grateful it was coming down because Texas needs it so much, right now.   

We listened to music and sang the whole way there and back .  

We had a good lunch with Ronnie II and then the boys did a little shootin'.  

All in all, it has been a great few days. 

Tomorrow, I am going to try to tackle the flooring in the bathroom.  Hopefully, I will remember to take pictures!

Later Gators!

Love ya! 




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