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Our Studio Changes - The Kitchen

Hello!  And, Happy Saturday!!

Wow!  Things have been so serious so far this year at Casa Causpanic. 

Because of that, I thought I would I would try to change the trajectory of the year and, therefore, the blog.

Even though we are not completely finished with our reno, I thought it was time we share a few of the changes that have occurred.

We are so happy with the studio transformation. 

We thought it would be easy.  Boy, were we wrong.  It took a lot of time and energy, but it was so worth it.

As I reviewed these before photos, I realized we were blessed not to acknowledge the enormity of this task we were taking on.

If you have read this post, you know the building we call "the studio" was first a photography studio, then a bakery.  The building had been unused for a few years and not only did it still have some bakery stuff in it, it also had all of our belongings that made the "purge cut" when we moved.  It was a LOT of stuff.

There was no electricity and winter was soon to be in full force.

When we devised our plan, of course, I created an unrealistic vision of what we could do with this place.  But somehow, Ronnie and our Renovation Heroes worked to make it as close to my vision as possible.

A big part of that vision was the Kitchen/Dining Room.  We knew it would be small and we knew we had to keep costs down. 

This area was what photographers call the dark room when the building was a photography studio.  It was used to develop prints which had to be done in complete darkness.  I used to print passports for my dad for a fee of 25 cents each.  Talk about cheap, child labor.

If you look on the left wall you will see the area designated for dish washing when the building was a bakery.  All the duct work you see at the top of the picture was removed by us and replaced by us.  Our son-in-law, an a/c guy, figured out the loads for us as well as the size and locations of the vents.  We did all the installing and taping.  It was actually fun!

Ok, ok...I actually only did some of the taping and the guys did the rest. 

I cannot tell you how much work my husband put into this place.

There was so little room in which to work.  He moved stuff from this place to that, one day and then from that place to this, the next.  Sometimes he did both in one day.  It seemed the carpenter had the hard job, which he did, but I never realized the depth of work until I saw this picture last night.  I cried.

Thank you, my husband! <3

He is patient and he is kind.  His patience paid off.  Little by little we all made progress.  I thought I did a lot of work here, but when I look at these pictures I realize how little I really did.



The fruits of our labor. 

We still have work to do.  Obviously AC grates, but also , toe kicks, crown moulding, finishing/transition trim on the floors....

Originally, we wanted butcher block counter tops from Ikea, but they were out of the ones we could afford when we went to buy them.  So, we fashioned our own out of a couple of pieces of Red Oak, $45 a piece at our local Sutherlands.  We love them - the movement of the wood is highlighted by the walnut stain, LOVE it. 

Michael recently installed the floors for us. 

We had not planned on doing them so soon, but the dust was taking it's toll on our sinuses and our pocket books.  Seemed like we were having to change our A/C filter every week.

I promised a post about the floors, but I accidentally deleted all my pictures of that process.  I tell you...my camera and I are not getting along lately.  I think I need a new one :D.  


Our dining room is just off the kitchen.  I will post pics of it in the future.  We kept the walls white in the kitchen but went to a blue-grey in the dining room.  

So there you have it...our vision realized. 

Now, I think I will go cook supper. 

I saw Teresa from Real Housewives of New Jersey on a DVR of the Nate Show.  She made Chicken Parmesean.

Made me hungry for a revised Mexican version of something like Ranchero Chicken.  I'll let you know if it was edible!!

Take care and enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

Monterrey Jack Ranchero Chicken

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