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Oh My Screaming Head

This little ray of sunshine is my great-niece.  I have decided her blog name will be Li'l Sugar Plum.

We had the pleasure of baby sitting her the other day.  She was so good.  Only cried when hungry and she was so easy to go down for her naps.  She's a sweet little baby girl.

She was the highlight of the week.  And believe me...I needed a highlight.

I have not been feeling very well for about a week now.

It started about last Wednesday or so with a scratchy throat. 

We spent the weekend in Corpus Christi visiting with Ron's kids and to attend a baby shower for his great grandson.  Yep, Ronnie is gonna be a great grand dad.  Whoop! 

Anyway, by Friday, I still felt ok, but I had sinus drainage that was making me cough like a mad woman.  It was mainly just annoying.

Saturday was the baby shower and I still felt fine, coughing, and now sneezing and snorting.

By Sunday, I was really feeling it.  Tired, snotty and coughing so much my muscles were sore.  No fever, though, thanks to God.

Thankfully, that's as bad as it got.  The sneezing stopped, the coughing is lots better and the snotty-ness is better, but now, tonight, I have a horrendous, horrendous headache. 

But I have a theory.  I think it may be a little detox, because I feel bad, but I feel better.  I have been diligent about our morning smoothie and we have been having a green salad everyday for lunch.  We had lots of green juice three out of the five days this week and I havent had any coffee this week. So, that may be why I have a headache, but usually when I give up coffee the headache comes immediately.

This headache hit me after I drank my green juice tonight and I swear I could blame it on the broccoli stems.  Whatever it is, I hope it leaves soon.  I hope I can sleep.  I hope it really is some sort of detox. 

I've actually allowed my mind to wander and freak myself out a few times. 

If it still hurts in the morning or returns, I am going to have to break down and have a cup of jo.  I will happily take more time to wean myself off of it.

So, anyway...that is what has been going on this week. 

I hope you havent had any headaches!

Have a great weekend!






Sunday Song

Sunday Song