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Versatile Blogger Award

Many moons ago, a couple of months worth at least, my sweet blog friend Jodi from Simply Inspired Home awarded Casa Causpanic with the

Versatile Blogger Award!


Wasn't that sweet?!  Yes!  It was.  And, I greatly appreciate it.  Thank you so much Jodi!

If you have never visited the Simply Inspired Home Blog, it is surely a must.  You will find lots of good posts on intentional design, home and love of community.  Trust me.  You will enjoy a visit there.

So...here is what happens:

  1. I will thank Ms. Jodi and link back to her blog.
  2. I will share 7 fascinating facts things about me that maybe she did not know.
  3. And, I will pass the award on to other blogs that I read and enjoy and inform them of it!

Hmmm...7 things about me. 

  • I LOVE the movie You've Got Mail!  When I say love, I mean true, everlasting love.  I watch it all the time.  If Ronnie goes night fishing with my brother or out of town, I put that movie on and just enjoy.  If I'm sad, if there is nothing on TV, if I am not able to sleep,..I put it on.  LOVE IT!
  • When we have a family dinner I don't want anyone to help me clean up.  Basically, it's like this...when I invite guests over, I want then to relax and enjoy visiting with the others that are here.  Usually, it is the other women that help clean up and I really want it to be a free night for them.  No cooking AND no cleaning.    
  • I have a love for Real Estate!  I LOVE looking at houses.  I love envisioning the potential of fixer uppers.  I love the crispness and beauty of newly built homes.  I just love houses.  Even though the market is not good right now, I do plan on working on a real estate license.
  • I have "Move The Furniture Syndrome".  I can't help myself. I can't be satisfied with positioning the furniture in one place for very long.  My daughter by love (aka Ron's daughter) is no longer surprised to find the furniture in a different configuration when they come to visit.  My 4 year old great-niece proclaimed to me the other day, "You changed everything again!  Why do you keep changing things???"  haha.  I hope it is not hereditary!
  • I love to sew but I am really bad at it.  I just dont have the patience.  I wish I did, though.
  • I was a Band Geek in high school.  I played the alto saxophone.  I loved it!  I made it to State try-outs twice but I choked both times. ha!  The competition was tough!  But, all my band experiences were wonderful and fun.
  • Parenthood, Justified and reruns of 'Til Death are my favorite shows at this time.  I just cant get enough of them!  Parenthood reminds me of how our family used to be and it just makes me warm all over.  Justified...Timothy Olyphant...need I say more????  And 'Til Death reassures me our marriage is normal while making me laugh about it at the same time.

There you go.  That's it.  Seven things.  I was just getting warmed up! :)

Thank You, again, Jodi!

Now I am honored to pass the Versatile Blogger Award to the following bloggers:

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A Soft Place to Land - Like many bloggers do from time to time, Kimba is taking time to listen, but her blog has many wonderful post for you to delve into and enjoy. 

Becoming... - I just love this young lady.  She is crafty and funny and...well...at the risk of sounding creepy...just adorable.

Adventures in Pinksugarland- I just found this blog in the Family category of Apartment Therapy's Homie Nominations.  I think this blog has a good chance of winning!

If you get a chance to mosey on over to these blogs stop in and tell them "HI".

And until next time...

Love and peace, friends.


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