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Happy Birthday, Michael!

Yesterday was my nephews birthday.

We went to K-2, the steak place in town.

I took my camera.

I had left it in the car and even went out to get it so I could take some pictures.

As I went to take my first picture I saw the warning..."Internal Memory Full".

Ugh!  I left my SD card in my netbook. 

Hence, the lousy Android phone pics.  


I actually had fun!

Usually, in these types of get togethers it seems impersonal, but last night was good.

And...I pulled off making a yellow cake with chocolate icing just two hours before the party was to begin.

I was a little nervous I would not make it, but I just kept putting thoughts of love into that cake. 

I thought about the times when Mike was a little guy and would say things like, "Our going to the zoo tomorrow" instead of "we" are going to the zoo tomorrow.  Adorable.

I also remenisced on how much he makes us laugh.  We would never have good belly laughs were it not for him.

And then I concentrated on all the wonderful things I want for him in the coming year.  I pray he will be showered with nothing but good things. 

Luckily, the cake baked, cooled and got iced very nicely!

Happy Birthday, Mikey!!  We love you!! 

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