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Sunday Song and A Weekend Trip

Hello and Happy Sunday!

We had a wonderful weekend!

Working backward, today we were invited to enjoy pork chops, beans, potatoes, and mac and cheese at Pam and Leo's.  My sister-in-law CAN cook!  We saw all the littles ones.  Got the bad knews that Li'l Sugar Plum wont be able to stay with us anymore.  She has allergies, we have dogs.  Allergies and dogs...not a match.  Bummer, Dude.

Yesterday we went to meet Ronnie's great grandson!!

He looked so perfectly nestled on Ronnie's chest.

I held him for a really long time.  I just couldnt let him go.  I actually wanted to put him in the Jeep and bring him home. 


We held the little guy so long he got hungry.  Here he is telling his mom, "I'm so hungry, Mommy."  And, of course, Mom was able to calm him and get him fed.

After a good little meal, he decided he was ready for a nap.  His daddy put him in his little swinging bassinet and he nestled in and cut some zzzz's.

Be still my heart.

So, in honor of this sweet little boy, todays Sunday Song is a bed time prayer.


God Bless! 

Happy Half A Century Day!

Sunday Song