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It's Never Too Late

Hello there!

It is a beautiful day here in Texas. 

And quite typical of Texas weather.  If I look out our french doors to the back yard I see the beautiful sun rising.  If I look out our side door to the dog run, there are some dark, moody looking rain clouds.  Which will it be today?  Sunshine or rain.  Sunshine I hope. 

Well, it is the week before Easter, Holy week. 

I love Lent and Holy week.  Both can serve as sort of a reboot to our prayer life.  I especially love Holy week.  It is a time of gratitude and thanks and solemn reflection for me, a time for me to really try to grasp what he went through...for us. 

Maybe the Lenten season whizzed past you.  It went pretty quickly for me. 

Maybe you would have liked to fast more or spend more time in prayer or doing good deeds.  I know I wanted to.

Today, I am here to say, "It isn't too late."  It is never too late.  He always hears us and is always happy hear from us.  Bask in His love for you.

Peace be with you.


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