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Happy Half A Century Day!


This is us with our son-in-law.

He is awesome.

He is also the newest member of the Half a Century Club.

Yep, he turned the big 50 today.

He had a party Saturday.

It was a boozy  doozy.

Here he is dancing with his "walker".

With his wife.

And with his oldest son.

His other children were hanging out with their friends there at the house.  I got a picture of him with our grand-daughter, but she was kind of looking off, so I'm not going to post it. Although she is stunningly gorgeous for a 13 year old, she might get embarrassed.

You know it is very important to have excellent pics when you are 13, almost 14!!

But, here is Ronnie II and our friend Shauna with the Ol' Dawg.

And...of course a 50th birthday party would not be complete without a little birthday cake up the guest of honors nose.

He actually wasn't the only one with a birthday!

Our grandson, BW, turned 11 on Monday!!  11!!  Oh my.

We had a blast this weekend until the Sunday morning headache

We were able to make it to one of BW's baseball games also.  It is so amazing to see how much he has changed and how great he is at catching pop-flies!

BW is our pop-fly catching machine!!

I may or may not have had my fill of alcohol until at least Ol' Dawg's 70th birthday, (at least a year and a half away). 

It took me this long to recover from maybe having or not having my fill of alcohol at Ronnie II's 40th birthday party.

These kids gotta quit having birthdays.

And if that picture wasnt proof enough here is a video clip of Ronnie dancing with his son and grandson. 

I absolutely love this video!  My "crazy-lady-laugh" in the background is kind of scary, though.  I could not figure out if I wanted to shoot landscape or portrait. 

I am still waiting for that blackmail picture from this past Saturday's party to arrive in my email.  So far, I am safe (enter nail biting here).

Oh well....

Have a good one!!




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