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Pre-K Graduation Slide Show

One of my favorite things to do is make picture videos.

Meaningful music just seems to add so much to pictures.

Anyway, last year my sister in law asked me to help her make a picture video of her pre k class. 

We spent hours looking for the right songs, we made videos of the children telling what they would like to be when they grow up and we mixed those videos up within the ton of pictures my sister in law took throughout the year. 

It was such a good video we did it again this year. 

The one new song we can suggest for a pre-k graduation picture video is The Friendship Song by Carbon Leaf, from the Curious George movie.  Very cute song.

Last years serious song was Let Them Be Little by Billy Dean and this years serious song was, My Wish, by Lonestar.  I had used that song for a 15th birthday (Quincianera) video.  Beautiful.

I digress....

Now, this years video was extra important to me because the twins, my great-neice and great-nephew were in the pre-k graduating class!!

Whaaaat????  Say it isn't so!!! 

They just amaze me.

The things they say and do crack me up.


  I just  completely adore them!

And, my heart swells when they walk in, see me and say with delight, "Aunt Jenn!".  Usually, Baby Girl does that.  Baby Boy just smiles and waits for his hug, pretending he doesnt want one. 

What really gets me is when Baby Girl sees my mom.  She makes my mom feel so special because when she sees her she runs up to her and gives her a big ol' hug. 

Oops...I digress...again.

As I organize and put all the pictures together with the videos, I end up falling in love with ALL the children.  They are all so sweet and their personalities are just so pure.  God bless them!!

So here it is...the Pre-K class of 2012 video.  Enjoy.


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