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This and That Post


It's Friday Night!

What did you do this fine Friday??

Our Fridays have changed drastically.

They used to consist of shopping , dinner at Outback or Imperial Cafe (when we lived in Corpus) and waaaay back when . . . it even included a bar , a band , and a little two-stepping!

Now-a-days our Fridays still include food - we might invite mom over for supper or go out to eat with her and my niece, Christi.  But the end is a little different . . . it includes a sofa, a net book, a kindle, a yellow lab, a black lab, and a tv.  Now that the "Blue Bloods" season is over I'm not sure what we will be watching. 

But really.  Who could complain about a Friday night with Tom Selleck?  Not this girl, for sure.  



I am just glad to have him back in my life on TV.  Oh Tom, I still love you after all these years.  If you havent seen this show yet, check it out.  It is really good.


This is basically a photo dump - random photos that I thought I would write individual posts about, but never did. 

Put your seatbelt on!

When I told you about Spring Happenings I showed you this picture of the guest room aka the little room because it is about 5 ft x 12 ft.  Long and narrow.

We have been trying to clear it out and make it the guest room it was intended to be so Mom can come spend the night with us on occasion.

Yeah, she only lives about 7 blocks from us, but sometimes I just wanna wake up with her here and eat breakfast with her (it's also part of my evil scheme to try to get her to want to move in with us). 

Way at the back of this mess under the window is a . . . uh . . . hmmm . . . dang, I don't know what to call it.  The word won't come to mind.  It's this:

Kind of like a cedar chest, but it's a home-made box made out of pine, haha.  My brother and mom made it for me.  It was really pretty when they gave it to me. 

So, I decided it was time for a make over.

I got a painters drop cloth and got to work.

Actually, it couldn't have been that easy because that is how easy I expected it to be.

Nope.  It was a little more involved than my impatient self wanted it to be.

I tore off the old material and then had to pull out all the staples. 

Plus, we decided if we use it in the guest room, it would serve double duty as storage and a place to sit when getting dressed.

So, it had to be reinforced all the way around because, really, it was just a pine box with a lid.

I have finished it, but I haven't taken an after picture yet.  "Boooo".  Or, as we Aggies say, "Tssssss" because it is rude to booo.

Texas had a little rain the past couple of months.

Yes, this is our charming view out of the front window.  And yes, you do sense a bit of sarcasm. :)

On this particular rainy day, it flooded on our street in front of our little studio.

That did not give drivers any incentive to drive any slower.  Every time a car passed by the water rippled and pert near pushed water into our little abode.

Ronnie sat at that window for hours hollering things like, "Slow down, Crazy!"  "Hey, you're gonna push water into our house!" "This city's drainage system sucks !".  Oh my.  He was really working himself into a fit. 

One day we woke up and saw these in our neighbors yard:

Haha, hehe, hoho.   

Ok, back to serious business.

Did you see the Super Moon, or whatever it was called?

Yep, this is what we saw that night.

It was a little cloudy here in Texas that night.  I actually did get a picture of the moon, but I liked this one best.  Honestly, that's how little the moon impressed me, but this picture I took . . . .

We are nearing the end folks. 

Oh, don't cry.  

Oh . . . those are tears of joy?  I see.

Nothing like a little baseball to end a post.

This is our grandson, BW (his parents did give him a real name, that is just what we call him on this blog for security purposes, because when you are as handsome a devil as he is, you need security):


He is a handsome devil.  He is my grand-son by love, so obviously I had nothing to do with his handsomness.  I did get up at like 7 a.m. to keep him half a day once when he was little, though. 

He is eleven, now.  He actually had a birthday three days after this picture was taken.   

Last year he had a party at a huge, fun ranch.  This year, he said he had everything he needed and just had his two besties over for a swim and some cake.


That beauty with them is BW's sister, our grand-daughter.  She is my grand-daughter by love, so I obviously had nothing to do with her beauty.  Although, I did feed her her bottle once when she was a baby.

Ok, so back to the ball game.  Just a couple more pics . . . no blah blah blah.


A father and his daughter.  Oops, I forgot, no blah blah.  Sorry


Ahh, there he is . . .  the love of my life.  I don't know why he has that mean look on his face.  He actually, usually, has a very sweet smile. 

I told him Dr. Phil probably never looked at Robin that way. 

And for the grand finale . . . tonight's dinner on our fine paper plates.  Aren't they gorgeous???

Have a wonderful weekend and stop in and tell us what you are up to!!!

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