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Quick Chicken Fettuccine

Wow!  I am really loving how this day has started!

Being the night owl that I am I rarely see 7 a.m.  If I do, it is usually because I have something I have to do.

But today is different.

I am up because I want to be up.   Yee haw!!

It feels great to sit here in the quiet solitude one can only find in the awakening of a new day.

I have my favorite quiet time music on, we have had our smoothie and now I am savoring my one cup of coffee.

Lovely day.

I am glad to report, that I have not had a headache since Sunday. 

Do you ever get migraines?

I would not wish one of those on my worst enemy, if I had a worst enemy.

Anyway, I had two last week and the only commonality I could find between the two incidents is PEANUTS!

Oh no!  I love home roasted peanuts! 

But, if I must give them up, I will. 

The only other culprit I can think of is hormones. 

Ok, enough of that!

I made this delicious dinner the other day.

I mean it was really delicious.

My nephews wife has made something like this for us before, but I never knew exactly what she used.  I'm still not sure this is what she uses, but it is close enough to the flavor of hers for me. 

I was kind of afraid to eat it, thinking my migraines might be food related and all, but I gave it a go and all was well.

So, I put three of these Tyson pre cooked chicken breasts in the oven for about 18 minutes:

Now let me just say, normally, I try to avoid pre-cooked products, but this one has no preservatives and it gives this great smoky flavor to the dish, kinda like a Carino's dish.  I also like that they are all just about a good portion size.  No humongous sized ones.  Well, not in this bag, anyway.  It was my first time using them.

As that was warming up, I sauteed some mushrooms.  I dont know if you would really call it sauteing, because I did not use any oil or butter.  I guess you could say, I grilled them.

I love the flavor they get when they get a little toasted.

These Buitoni raw noodles only take 3-4 minutes to cook and they are delicious.  So, I threw them in the boiling water when the chicken timer rang.  That gave me time to chop the chicken up into bite size pieces.

Then I drained my noodles, added the chicken, mushrooms and this alfredo sauce:

Oh my gosh!  It was so tasty and it fed me, Ronnie and my mom.  Next time I will put green peas in it.

I would say, it cost about $3 per serving.  I wont give you the calorie count, haha.  Naw, it really wasn't that high.  I just don't remember what it was.

So, there it is.

Oh, one last thing. . . I am not receiving any type of compensation from these fine brands for this post. 

I am sure most of you already have a recipe like this in your rotation, but I just thought this was so quick, easy and delicious and I wanted to share.

I hope you have a wonderful day! 


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