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Karaoke at the Empty Glass

Hey, Hey, Hey!!

Hello, blog world!

I feel like I havent posted a blog in forever.  It really has only been 8 days. 

Lots has happened in those 8 days.  Yep.  I have a little news to share.  I'll wait till the end of the post to do that. 

No worries...it is great news!!  But I would rather share our fun weekend, first.

This weekend we went to visit Ronnie II at his new home in Sandia, TX. 

He has been there about three weeks and we were so excited to go visit him there.  Honestly...I never get excited about getting on the road, but I did want to see him and his new place, so in the Jeep I hopped.

I dont think I posted it, but we bought a brand, spanking new Jeep Latitude on April 11th.  This will give you a good indication of how much we have been on the road:


2,794 miles!  And that is in only two and a half months and that was before this last trip even started.  I was broken hearted when we hit the 100 mile mark, now, I'm over it.

Anyway, we arrived at Ronnie's about 6 pm.  I should have taken a pic of his house as we drove up, but I was steaming...one of those road trip arguments that we have every time we travel.  We both try to be on our best behavior, but eventually he does something in his driving that scares the bejeebers out of me, whether it is real or imagined by me, and we have a fight.  Boooo.

Anyway, we got the grand tour once we arrived.  He has an awesome home that is so perfect for him.  He is a laidback, easy-going, down to earth sweetheart.  His new home is out in the country on three acres that matches who he is.

He has a garden that the previous owners planted.  He gave us tomatoes, bell pepper, a watermelon.  He has lettuce, squash and okra growing, too.  There is an awesome little driveway where all his friends with big trucks can park and a nice little patio on which to bar-b-que. 

We got settled in and visited with him and his buddy, Rick, a little while before we were off on an adventure. 

They had plans to head over to a friend's house to do a little "pickin' and grinnin'".  And so the fun began!

This is Mike and Ann's fun space.

Mike told us it just kind of came together over a 10 year period.  And, it got it's name, The Empty Glass, from one of their favorite songs:

We fell in love with the place immediately!  There was KARAOKE!!  Oh, how I love Karaoke!!  Wow...a bar, a dance floor, AND a killer karaoke set up. 

We later discovered there was no shortage of friends ready and willing to sing, too!

Mike was the only one home when we arrived and he just made us feel so comfortable and welcome.  We had no problem making ourselves at home:

Check out this cool table (I should have gone to the other side to take the picture, but I had myself perched on a stool and did not want to move)

I love it!

Little by little their friends arrived.

The ladies set up the appetizers and the guys bar-b-qued some wings and sausage.  Before we knew it, the night was in full swing.

I love seeing Ronnie with his children.

Of course this is just one of his childeren.  The Spring Branch bunch wasn't able to make it, but maybe next time.

Ronnie II really likes to hear his dad sing. 


And they even sing together here:

These folks are really down to earth folks.  The ladies took great care of me.  They fed me, they fanned me, they let me sing Harper Valley PTA with them....

Everyone sang:

The ladies love Ronnie II:

They explained to us that they used to call him Ron Dawg, but now that he has a grandson, he is Paw-Dawg.  haha. 

Ronnie and I (especially me) don't fit into a lot of social groups.  Not because of the groups, we are just not used to socializing much.  But, I gotta say...I felt very comfortable in this group.  And, I didn't even have a single drink!!  Seriously.  True story.

There was no pickin' but there was plenty of grinnin'

Ultimately, that is all that counts!

Well, I promised you some news.

You may remember I wrote in a few posts back that I interviewed for a job.

After the interview, I did two "working interviews".  I worked about 4 hours each time and just took in all the job would entail.  Plus, they took in my performance.

Well, low and behold...I got a job!!

It is with a chiropractor's office. 

I probably only told Ronnie and my mom, but when I went to the Chiropractor in Dickinson, I dreamed of getting a job there.  Their office had such a great feel about it.  Plus, they had access to chiropractic care, they closed between 12 and 2 every day and they were off on Wednesdays!!  I thought that was right up my alley.

Well, the Lord did me one better.  He got me a job in BC, where we could still be close to mom.  I will be processed as a new patient tomorrow, which means I will be getting an adjustment soon, the office closes between 12 and 2 three days a week  AND it closes at noon the other 2 days a week.  Awesome!!

I hope and pray I can do the job well!!  I have not worked in 4 years!!  Where does the time go?? It is a fast paced environment and I worry my 45 year old mind may not be able to keep up.  But, I am gonna try my dangdest.  The people are great and the job will be challenging.  I like!

Tomorrow better come quick, because I am getting cold feet.  Yikes! :D

So that is what we have been up to.

What about you?  Anybody have a bunch of friends they couldn't live without or maybe taking the plunge into a new job?

Whatever it is you are doing we are wishing you a happy and blessed week!!

Thanks for stopping in!! 




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