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Going Through The Big D or All Around It

It is 9:04 p.m., Monday evening.  by the time I finish this post it will be nearing 11 I'm sure.

It feels good to just sit here in our bed, college softball as background noise, just savoring being home.

Yep, we took another trip this past weekend.

Every time I leave on these trips I envision all the great pictures I am going to take so we can better remember the experience and every time I come back disappointed because I dont take as many pictures as I would have liked, or I am too shy to get in a good spot to get a good pic. 

I am 45 years old.  Shouldnt I be over being shy?  Well, not me.

Anywaaaay...we went all the way to the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Weatherford, to be exact. 


Please excuse all the bug guts on the windshield. 

Generally, I do not get excited about trips anymore.

I get this stitch in my right side, that makes it very uncomfortable to be in the car.  But, I was actually kind of stoked about this trip.

We were going to visit Ronnie's aunt, going to his cousin's son's graduation in Gunter, Texas and then heading over to Fort Worth, Texas to see my friend and her family. 

We set out on the old Texas back roads instead of flying down the interstate, so my tendency to get a little anxiety was kept at bay.  It only took us about 5 - 5-1/2 hours even with 3 stops.

When we arrived at Erna Lea's (Ronnie's aunt) she had good ol' chicken fried steak, mashed 'taters and corn waiting for us.  It was so tasty and really hit the spot.  We just sat around and caught up, watched a little college softball, and had a bowl of Blue Bell Blueberry Cobbler ice cream.  OMG.

Graduation wouldn't be until 8 p.m. Friday night, so Ronnie and I killed a little time at the Farmer's Market while Erna Lea got her hair done.

Maybe I can get Ol' Dawg to write a post about what he remembers the Farmers Market to be, back when farmers really sold their crops and sat around shooting the breeze. 

It is a little more commercialized now a days.

It had lots of plants

Plenty of unique items to buy...

...And a sweet kid named Charlotte that cut open a cantaloupe for us to test for ripeness. 

We drove around a little.  Check out this mural!


The Parker County Courthouse has lots of character.


After goofing around for a while, we went back to Erna Lea's and just relaxed before the 2 hour drive to Gunter, where the graduation would be.

The next generartion of Gunter Tigers were ready to head out into the world.


It was a really nice ceremony.  I didn't have a child there but I still teared up as they played the picture video of the graduates with them in the background telling their parents thank you and how much they loved them.

I really almost lost it when each graduate took a rose to their mother and/or grandmother.  The moms would hug their babies for dear life.  Imagining the emotions they must have been feeling brought tears to my eyes.

That is not where the weekend ends, but it is where the pictures end.

Erna Lea was so hospitable.  She fed us waffles, and roast, cobbler and fruit...man!

It was hard to leave, but it was time to head to Ft. Worth to visit the Williamson family.

Monica and I became friends when we worked together in Corpus Christi.  There is just something about that kid that makes me travel all over the world to see her.  Ok, ok, just all over Texas.

I think that "something" might be her two adorable children.

We did not get to spend much time with them, but I had the best time playing ball with the little guy and watching his sister dress up and dance.  He also schooled Ronnie on the Transformer movies, grabbing his chin and redirecting it to the movie when his attention turned to our conversation.  He was cracking me up.

Get this...they gave us their bed to sleep in so Ronnie wouldn't have to climb the stairs to the guest room.

Poor kids.  They had had company drop in all week and then they gave up their bed for us.  We just cant say thank you enough.  I so wish they could move here to south Texas. 

And that concludes our trip. 

We made it home Sunday evening and were welcomed by Mom and Jake and Maggie.  Next time we take a trip I am going to video tape Jake and Maggie when we get home.  They go beserk!!!  I love it!

I am so grateful that we got to see family and friends, but I'm grateful to be home now, too.

We'll talk again soon!

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