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I came to a realization this past Thursday. 

I miss my time. 

Thursday was slow at work and I actually got home at about 6:15 or 6:20 as opposed to 7 pm.

It was a wonderful night.  I actually was able to enjoy dinner with our family.  I wasn't exhausted and my legs didn't hurt.  I guess that is the reason I slept so well that night, also.  I woke up so easy the next morning.  It was such a treat...especially my legs not hurting!!

Anyway.  WE had a really good weekend. 

Mom spend the night last night.  I love that she does that even though we live in the same town. 

The twins turned 5!!  Oh my goodness.  I cant handle it, haha.  They had a Hawaiian Luau Party.  Or was it a Tiki Party?  It was somewhere along those lines.

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