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A Fence Post

We are nearing my very favorite time of year...fall.

As I sit here and watch the Texans pre season game, I look forward to a game every Sunday, Bean Chili every Sunday, coffee on the cool, crisp fall mornings and a fire in the fire pit in the evenings (we have never been big fire in the fire pit people, but I have always wanted to be.  Hopefully, this will be the year).  And what about the smell of the heater being turned on for the first cold front of the season?  

Ooooo weee - I feel happy even just thinking about it.

For now, though, the temperature is in the 90's and we are guzzling ice cold, bottled water.

Booooo.  Haha, no...actually, I have enjoyed this summer a lot more than usual.

We worked on our fence today.  


I took pics, but they didnt come out very good.  This is the only one that I could salvage.  

Mike started the project a couple of weeks ago - he used the auger to dig the holes and cemented the posts.  

Then his parents - my brother, Leo, and sister-in-law, Pam - Ronnie and I all pulled together and put the panels up.  

I gotta say I had a blast doing that with them and it only took us 3 half days to do it.  

All we need now is the gate.  Woop!

I am grateful to have had such a great day.  

Mom spent the night again last night and we got up and made a good ol' breakfast of eggs bacon and toasted new potatoes left over from last nights pot roast dinner.  

It has actually been a great weekend, not just a great day.  

Hoping everyone has a great one, too.