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Marriage Encounter Weekend

We went to a Worldwide Marriage Encounter a couple of weekends ago.

Msgr. Morgan, our priest in Corpus Christi, used to tell us the Engaged Encounter put a little reality into the romance, whereas, the Marriage Encounter puts a little romance into the reality. 

Although we have a little video that tells you all about our weekend, we are also including the written highlights of the weekend in this post.  

You know...just in case you can't watch the video because your boss/coworkers think you are being productive, or your husband/wife thinks you are paying the bills or....

1.  Lets all shout, "Yea for Pei Wei!!"

Is there a Pei Wei in your area?  Do you just love it???

My favorite, Mongolian Chicken with extra veggies.

Ronnie had the Thai Dynomite.  DY-NO-MITE!!

It is so cute because Ronnie has this little rountine which includes mixing up this concoction of all the hot sauces they offer.



2.  We went by our house in Dickinson which we are leasing out to someone right now.  Looked good except for the lawn.  My husband gets the husband of the year award because he found out a day before the encounter started that our tenant will be breaking his lease sometime in October (he is in the military) and did not tell me until after the Marriage Encounter.  He didn't want me to have that on my mind during the weekend. What a sweetie, huh?  It makes me sad, though, that he did not have the luxury of not having that on his mind on that weekend, too.

3.  We arrived at The Christian Renewal Center for the Marriage Encounter.

It is a gorgeous retreat center.

The Marriage Encounter was a wonderful experience for us. 

I intended to take more pictures and more videos, but we got pretty involved with the Encounter.

The Encounter concentrates on communication between a husband and a wife, but there is no sharing in front of others.  All sharing is in the privacy and comfort of your own little room. 

We learned a lot about ourselves as individuals and as a couple.  

Even though Ronnie and I don't have small children, work or other responsibilities pulling us in a hundred different directions we were still able to make a deeper connection and really enjoy each other.  

And even though we talk ALL the time, we were introduced to a different way to communicate in a kind and loving manner.  Not that we were mean to each other before, but it's just different now.  Cant explain it.

Visit the website link at the beginning of this post and find a weekend near you.  

Although I was exhausted when we returned home, I felt blessed to have taken part in the weekend.  I felt honored to have a husband that actually wanted to take part in the whole process and I was happy to see our pooches again. 

Anything special going on at your house for the holiday?? 

Here's hoping you have a wonderful extra day off!!

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