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Our Anniversary Weekend

We had a little get together this past Saturday, for two reasons.

Reason # 1:  Friday, September 14th 2012 was our 10 year Anniversary!

Yay us!!

It was a nice day.

Actually, I was sitting here in my little corner of the sofa having my morning coffee in my favorite house pants and a white t-shirt.

I had not brushed my hair or anything (read as "I hadn't brushed my teeth either!").

Then there was a knock on the door. 

"Oh crap!  Who could that be?"

Do you say that when you hear a knock on the door?

Usually, if I hear a knock on the door when I am not expecting anyone, I freeze or go hide in the bathroom.

This time, I froze.  Everything, but my eyes. 

I waited. 

They knocked again.

The dogs did a great job of barking out, "She cant come to the door!  She hasn't brushed her hair!  Or her teeth.  And believe us, you don't want to go there".

So, whoever was knocking left.

Now, all this time Ronnie was out on the riding mower cutting the empty lot next door.

Then to my surprise I hear his keys in the door. 

Even more surprising...he was carrying the vase of 12 roses the florist was trying to deliver. 

This picture was actually a reenactment of my surprise.

This is my favorite song about marriage this year:


After a massage for me we went to K-2 to eat dinner, too.  That was one of the places we used to eat all the time when we were dating.

But mostly, we were focused on getting ready for our little dinner we were going to host on Saturday. 

Oh yeah...

Reason # 2 for a little get together:  Ronnie's 69th birthday!

We wanted more of a dinner with the people we love than a party.  Even some of Ronnie's family was able to be here!  Wow, our exterior could really use some work.  These are Ron's kiddos.  Rae came from near San Antonio, TX and Ronnie II came from Corpus Christi, TX

Here he is with two of his grand children.  No matter how long they all stay, it's never long enough.  We were so happy they could make it, though! 


Gloria, my long time friend from childhood, and her husband made gumbo and roast and potato salad and green beans and rolls.  Oh my!!  It was so delicious. 

You know us...we are all about the food. :)

My sister in law, Pam, made the awesome german chocolate cake. 

Baby Girl did a much better job of singing this year than last year.  You can hear that here

At one point I just counted our blessings. 

Everyone was full and happy.  The children were safe and having fun.  We had love and peace and joy. 


So, Sunday was Ronnie's birthday.

I drug my butt out of bed before 9 am and made it to breakfast with the kids and grandkids. 

I would be stretching it to say I was awake. 

We came home, watched the Texans kick some butt and then we just relaxed until time for Mass. 

How bout you?  Any anniversaries or birthday?  Got any cajun food lovers out there? 

What ever it is you love I hope you are happy blog friends!

Forecast: Sunny and Clear

Sunday Song