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Forecast: Sunny and Clear

A great day for golf, in other words.

Oh yes!  It was a gorgeous day so we went out to the driving range.  

I have never played golf or even driven a ball, but I have been wanting to learn for a couple of years, now.  

I even bought some clubs...a year ago.

Honestly, I had been having some "stinkin' thinkin'" the past couple of weeks.  I dont put that stuff on here because I like to keep things on a positive note on this here blog but I also want to keep it realistic.  

But, I also dont like to give words to things I think are ailments or stinkin' thoughts on this here blog. Oh believe me...I give them plenty of words as I obsessively discuss them with Ronnie and my mom here at the house.  It really isnt a good thing to do, though, so I try not to do it much here.


This past Thursday Ronnie said, "Let's go hit some golf balls."  Woo hoo! 

First, we went to see if Mom wanted to go for a ride.  If she did we were not going to hit balls, just drive out to the golf course.  

It turned out she did want to go, but Ronnie went to find out where the driving range was and found out that there was no rental fee for the golf carts!

Yee Haw!

We were practicing safety first, so Ronnie took us to the driving range one at a time.  He took me first then went and got Mom.  She just sat in the golf cart and watched.

Driving the golf ball down the range is fun, but it isn't easy.

Ronnie has played before but he was using my clubs, which are kids clubs, since I am so short.  So, he really was just messing around.

Oh, I really enjoyed watching him.  He could hit it pretty far considering he has not played in ages.

I was trying to be a pro.

Not that I know anything about being a pro other than what I see Tiger do on TV.

But, I was trying to keep my eye on the ball and swing just right.

And you know what???

I missed the ball entirely the first time.

Then I hit it about 2 ft.


Oh what fun!! 

Next time we are going to invite my "Comadre" (which is Spanish for really close friend or mother to your God-son/daughter- both in my case) and her family!

And then one day soon I am going to take my great niece and great nephew aka Baby Boy and Baby Girl.  Well, I am going to ask their Mama if we can.

Ronnie ended up hitting the ball about 250 yards or so.  I made it about 100 yards...once.  LOL

But it was fun and really a blessing to get out on that beautiful day!!

Awww, you can see their matching knee braces. Thanks to God they help a lot!!

What about you?  Did you do anything different this past week?  How 'bout golf?  Do you play or do you think watching paint dry is more fun?

Anyway, hope everyone has a blessed and wonderful week!!

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