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No, it isn't the beginning of a hilarious joke but it is the beginning of us, Ron & Jenn aka Casa Causpanic.

Y'all come on in.

It is a very ordinary, extraordinary life about which we journal.

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January to June

One beautiful spring day, Ronnie and I were on our way to visit Rae's family and watch Brant play some baseball.  The day started so wonderfully...we had breakfast with Mom (she always stays with Jake and Maggie when we go out of town) and, although I had been dreading the drive, I had finally gotten excited about being on our way.  

We made it all the way to New Braunfels when we received the call from Christi that Mom had fallen and they were on their way to the ER.  I was devastated and just sick to my stomach.  Ronnie wanted to watch Brant so badly, but even he felt we needed to get back.  So, back we came.

It was a really bad break in 4 places but she recovered beautifully, thanks be to God. She endured a lot of pain, but never really complained.  She was a great patient the whole time she stayed with us.  

She is healing and now doing some exercises her orthopedic recommended.  She did not have surgery but he says he will be happy if she can get 80% range of motion.  

Eventually, Ronnie headed back to Spring Branch and got to watch Brant play ball as well as spend some much enjoyed one on one time with Rae.  They found this for me:

It's so true. :)

We have attended a couple of weddings.  Here we are on the way to Serena and Jonathons wedding:

I cried when he sang a song that he wrote for her.  Sorry, no pics of the event.

Then there was David's wedding:

This boy is growing so fast.


There has been a lot of this and that.

A trip to Sugar Land to shop and have some of our favorite, Pei Wei.

Ron learned how to work an iphone.

that may actually be the phone before his iphone, but he did eventually get an iphone.

Maggie slept, of course.

Jake begged to get on the sofa, of course.

That's it, January to June in a nutshell.



Jake and Maggie

Oh Christmas Tree...