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I have been doing a poor job of posting the sweet little gatherings we have been attending.  There have been a few.  I actually don't even have pictures of most of them.  Luckily I was in a picture taking mood for this little dude's birthday.

Be still my heart.  That little face.  Such a sweet boy.  Each of my great nieces and great nephews have incredible qualities.  I just love them.

Here he is with his mom.

His Grandma and Paw Paw have an above ground pool.  His birthday is in July.  Guess what...he had a pool party!!

I love that picture of him.  That pretty much describes him.  He's nothing but muscle, all boy and all adventure.  Basically, fearless, and he loves to work. 

All the kids had a grand time.

There was cake and the Birthday Song, of course.  Drake has always had a moment of shyness when Happy Birthday is being sung to him.  It's so cute.  Especially that sister encourages him to enjoy.

Our little gang. 

The birthday boy is strategically hiding behind the other hooligans.

The twins birthday was next.

Eight years old!!  I cant believe it.  They had a swim party also at their neighborhood pool.

Baby Boy doesn't look like he was ready for a pic.  Yes, I realize they are eight and perhaps Baby Boy and Baby Girl no longer apply.  How did this happen??  They grew so fast!

There was an issue with the candle lighting.  Too much wind.  But, finally everyone put their hands around the flame on Christopher's cake and it lit.  Immediately, it was blown out.

You may notice a trend in these parties.  Swimming, check.  Eating, check.  Birthday cake, check.  Yep, next it was presents.

I think sometimes I get so distracted with the eating and the visiting that I forget to take plenty of pics.  This is the only pic I have of my hubby's 72nd birthday and it was an awesome evening.

Oh how I love that man!  Look at that sweet face.  Forget that...look at those chocolate covered strawberries!  I must admit, I always stress out when we have a function here at our house.  The cleaning, the shopping, the cooking...I don't know how Ronnie gets it all done.  Haha, just kidding...kind of. :) 

All the stress is worth it though to be able to spend time with our family and friends.  I'm so grateful to be a part of such a caring, loving group of people.  These moments are such treasures.

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